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Strange turns negative again

Brandon Moseley



By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Tuesday, August 29, 2017. As expected, Republican Senator Luther Strange has launched his next round of attacks on former Alabama Chief Justice Judge Roy Moore, in a desperate bid to resurrect his floundering campaign for the US Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions earlier this year.

The Strange campaign said, “Voters have a clear choice in this election: President Trump’s conservative fighter, Luther Strange, who has a record of taking on the swamp, or another hypocritical politician, Roy Moore, who has spent 40 years putting himself and his ambition ahead of Alabamians.”

Strange and his hired Washington, DC attack-ad writers accused former Chief Justice Moore of having “Spent the last forty years running for political office and putting his own ambitions ahead of Alabamians’ well-being,” while as Attorney General, Big Luther created the Special Prosecution Division and successfully convicted corrupt officials – included the Republican State Speaker of the House – all of whom were removed from office and/or jailed.

Alabama elects its judges, and so, every jurist in the State appears on the ballot.  Moore ran for Governor only after being removed from the bench by the Court of the Judiciary.

The Moore campaign was quick to strike back claiming that the Strange campaign was, “Long on claims and short on truth. They have a habit of manipulating the truth – a tactic embraced far too often by Luther Strange and his Washington buddies. Honestly, this just reeks of a desperate attempt to hold on to his political appointment at all costs.”

Judge Moore said on social media, “Mitch McConnell’s DC Slime Machine is back in full force once again, attempting to use millions of special interest dollars to bear false witness against me, my family, and our entire campaign. These power-hungry political elites are determined to buy this race for their handpicked candidate, robbing the people of Alabama of their say in the matter, once again. Join us, and together, we will defeat the Washington establishment once and for all.”


The Moore campaign said in a statement, “As the Strange campaign has exhibited over the last 3 months, they have a complete disregard for truth and decency. During the Primary, they spent millions attempting to stain the character and reputation of good men, like Congressman Mo Brooks and Judge Moore, who have faithfully served our country with honor and distinction. And here they go again.”


The Moore campaign emphasized that: Roy Moore is a West Point graduate and a Vietnam Veteran, while Luther Strange has never served in the military;  when not in public service, Roy Moore has been a small-time rancher and the President of a legal foundation that battled liberal groups like the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center, while Luther was a Washington lobbyist; Roy Moore sacrificed two political jobs because he would not compromise his principles, while Luther took a Senate appointment from disgraced Governor Robert Bentley; Roy Moore raised his money from grass-root conservatives, while Luther raised his campaign money from Washington insiders, Super PAC’s, and lobbyists. They also emphasized Luther’s close ties to Mitch McConnell and said that Luther is bought and paid for by Washington insiders and elites. “A proven yes-man for McConnell.”

Everyone expected Luther Strange would go negative against Judge Moore.

The Republican primary runoff is September 26.

The winner will face Democratic challenger Doug Jones in the December 12, Special General Election.





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