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The Trump-Russia scandal: Don’t be a fool


By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

There’s nothing to see here.

Pay no attention to the uproar at those mainstream media outlets over the indictments of Donald Trump’s campaign manager and a campaign advisor and the guilty plea of another Trump advisor.

There’s nothing to any of it – certainly not an indication that the stories of the Trump campaign colluding with foreign agents might be true. Noooo, it’s just those pesky Democrats working overtime to divert attention away from the REAL story – Hillary Clinton’s emails about uranium.

That’s the message – or some version of it – that awaited conservative voters tuning into the usual outlets for conservative news on Monday.

I know this because I checked.

Sometimes, in the interest of job performance, you must subject yourself to unpleasant conditions. So, for several minutes today, I ventured into the Land of Make-believe otherwise known as conservative “news” media and subjected myself to a steady flow of bat-guano crazy explanations of why none of this Paul Manafort stuff means anything.

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It was, and I don’t use this term lightly, flabbergasting.

From Hannity to Ingraham to even the local conservative radio guys, the story was the same: this all ends with Hillary Clinton locked up over her illegal uranium deal.

But don’t worry, they said, because none of this implicates the president.

And why would anyone believe otherwise? These indicted people just happen to have worked for his campaign, with one literally serving as the head of that campaign. Why would anyone suspect Trump might be implicated?

It’s not like any of this stuff has been brought up before, or other people implicated in shady deals with Russian officials during the campaign.

Unless you count Michael Flynn. But hey, he was only Trump’s national security advisor.

Or Carter Page. But he was just another top advisor for the campaign.

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Or Don Jr. Or Jared Kushner. They both met with Russian officials about trading information.

Other than those seven guys … what proof is there?

This has reached a level of absurdity that I thought unattainable previously. At this point, there are fewer people in the administration who didn’t have meetings with Russians than those who did.

Yet, somehow, the same bunch of people who have readily gobbled up BS conspiracies about the former president’s heritage and religion, Benghazi!, Hillary’s email server and the Clintons conspiring to have people killed aren’t convinced.

Which is where those conservative media outlets come in – always there to convince you that it’s OK to believe whatever you want to believe, no matter how stupid or wrong it might be.

And for what must be the thousandth time now, I have to ask: Aren’t you all tired of looking like fools?

Seriously, how many times does Lucy have to jerk the football away before you get it? These people aren’t giving you a fair and balanced accounting of the news. They’re telling you what you want to hear because they are making money off of you tuning in to have your ridiculous world views reconfirmed.

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Think about it.

The conservative outlets have been wrong about virtually every scandal for the past decade, and they’ve been wrong about this Russian collusion scandal from the jump. First telling you there was nothing here, then shifting to something that involves Hillary, then trying to lay a huge scandal at her feet.

It’s time to stop this foolishness. And I think I have just the thing to help you. At least, it’s worked on you before.

I want you to imagine all of what we know about the president’s advisors and campaign manager and national security advisor being caught up in a scandal such as they currently are. Think about all of the admitted incidents – the trip to meet with a Russian who had anti-Clinton info, Flynn and Carter’s shady deals, Manafort’s issues, today’s guilty plea.

Think of all of that surrounding the president.

Now imagine that the president is a Democrat.


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Josh Moon is an investigative reporter and featured columnist at the Alabama Political Reporter with years of political reporting experience in Alabama. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.

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