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We need a principled conservative to uphold Trump’s agenda

By State Rep. Tim Wadsworth
House District 14

Alabama Senators have important votes that affect our country. The most important vote that a newly elected Senator will cast is to confirm the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Do we want a Conservative as our next U.S. Supreme Court nominee? Conservative means principled, and one who would honestly interpret the Constitution instead of making up law to impose on the rest of us from the bench. The effect of those judicial appointments on our American freedoms and culture will last for generations. Roy Moore is a principled conservative. I want Roy Moore to cast the vote for the next U.S. Supreme Court nominee. Do we elect Roy Moore as Senator who supports President Trump’s conservative agenda, or do we want a liberal who would not?

The economic outlook of our country and state has brightened ever since President Trump was elected, and we need a strong conservative vote to support President Trump’s policies. Since November 2, 2016, (President Trump’s election), the unemployment rate in Winston, Walker and State of Alabama fell by approximately 3 full percentage points. People are working and empty buildings are being utilized by companies creating those jobs. President Trump’s agenda is working.

Since November 2, 2016 (President Trump’ election) the Dow Industrial Average has grown from 17,959 to 24,184; a 34.6% rise. The Nasdaq Composite Average has risen from 5,106 to 6,776, which is a 32.7% rise. Investments in the United States are rising. President Trump’s agenda is working.

Another important vote deals with rural health care needs. A provision in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has critically affected the ability of rural areas to maintain their hospitals. The Affordable Care Act has a provision that prevents hospitals from being physician owned or physician invested. Recently, 44 days’ notice was provided to the citizens of Winston County that its only hospital would close on January 1, 2018. Under the ACA only outside investors can purchase or invest in a hospital. Physicians who have offices in that community cannot invest in or save a hospital due to the ACA. Our next Alabama Senator that will be elected on December 12, 2017 will cast a vote that affects all rural hospitals. The Senator will either support President Trump’s policy to change the law on the ACA or he will not. This is a critical decision that voters must make. Do they elect Roy Moore who supports the Trump agenda or do they elect a liberal who will not?

Roy Moore is a principled conservative who will vote for President’s Trump’s agenda. In comparison, the other candidate does not meet that conservative standard.

I was a delegate to the Republican convention. I was an elector who cast my vote for President Trump. I live in rural Winston County which had the highest Trump vote percentage in the nation. It is my belief that we need a principled conservative who will vote for President Trump’s agenda, and I believe that Roy Moore is that man. I want Roy Moore to cast the votes for President Trump’s agenda. I fully support Roy Moore for United States Senator on December 12, 2017. He is the only conservative in the race.

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Tim Wadsworth
Written By