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Ainsworth addresses candidates forum in Dekalb County

State Rep. Will Ainsworth speaks after a committee meeting to reporters. (SAMUEL MATTISON/APR)

On Friday, a number of statewide GOP candidates attended a forum hosted by state Rep. Nathaniel Ledbetter, R-Rainsville, and state Sen. Steve Livingston, R-Scottsboro.

Among these was State Rep. Will Ainsworth. R-Guntersville, who is running for lieutenant governor.

Ainsworth said that his family has built three different businesses and that he is the candidate in the lieutenant governor’s race who came from the private sector.

Ainsworth said that “First we have got to get rid of the distractions” caused by scandals that have rocked Montgomery and drawn national attention for the state.

“I have got a passion for education,” Ainsworth said. “There are three things we have got to do. First is technology. We need broad band all across the state, not just the cities. Pre-K matters because parents are not doing their jobs anymore. Pre-K helps prepare children for school. We lead the nation in our pre-K program. Third, we have got to make high school graduates work force ready. We have got to get people job ready not just college ready 65 percent do not go to college.”

“We have a great story to tell,” Ainsworth said.

The forum was held at the North East Alabama Agra Center in Rainsville.

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Ainsworth has two GOP primary opponents: Public Service Commission President Twinkle Cavanaugh and state Sen. Rusty Glover, R-Semmes.

The candidates in the lieutenant governor’s race raised $3,421,553.25 and have already spent $3,081,647.64.

Ainsworth received $1,067,290.00 in contributions and spent $1,397,241.12. Cavanaugh has raised $1,394,328.23 and spent $1,231,388.67. Glover has raised $208,660.02 and spent $219,427.31. State School Board member Mary Scott Hunter had explored running for attorney

The eventual winner of the Republican primary will face northwest Alabama pastor Will Boyd in the general election.

Polls open today at 7:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m.

Ainsworth, Cavanaugh, and Glover will appear on the Republican ballot. There is not a race on the Democratic ballot because Boyd was the only Democrat to qualify.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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