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Brooks, Rogers applaud President Trump’s plans for a Space Force


Monday President Donald J. Trump (R) announced the creation of a sixth branch of the armed force: Space Force. Congressmen Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville) and Mike Rogers (R-Saks) have both been advocates of the space force for some time and they expressed their strong support for President Trump’s order establishing the Space Force.

Rep. Brooks said, “America’s military relies heavily on its space assets to conduct war and, as such, space is a war-fighting domain. America’s war-fighting capabilities are greatly diminished if our military assets in space are neutralized. As such, a dedicated Space Force is critical to protecting America’s national security interests against Russian, Chinese, and other geopolitical threats.”

“I am thrilled to see President Trump’s continued support of this important mission,” Congressman Rogers said. “We have worked for over two years together on the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) Strategic Forces subcommittee on this issue. There is an absolute need for a Space Force as a separate organization in the Department of Defense. As President Trump said today, ‘When it comes to defending America, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space. We must have American dominance in space.’ I completely agree with President Trump.”

President Trump and Rep. Rogers talked about the importance of the issue via phone this spring.

“Various members of the House Armed Services Committee, including me, have supported the creation of a Space Force branch of the military,” Brooks added. “Hence, I strongly commend President Trump for his bold leadership in this area, and applaud his foresight in creating the Space Force as an independent branch of the armed services. For almost six decades America has led the world in space exploration and that preeminence is critically important to our national security. I look forward to working with the President, my colleagues, and the Pentagon to ensure Space Force is adequately funded and equipped.”

Brooks continued, “The Tennessee Valley’s space and defense communities are uniquely positioned to support the Pentagon’s effort to secure Space, the final frontier. I look forward to continuing our efforts to help ensure that the Tennessee Valley’s capabilities are considered as we compete for jobs and resources resulting from the Space Force’s creation.”

President Trump announced his order creating Space Force on Monday at the third meeting of the National Space Council at the White House. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) is a member of the Space Council and was in attendance at the announcement, where she was recognized by Pres. Trump.

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Gov. Kay Ivey said afterwards on Twitter, “Thank you, @POTUS, for your bold vision for our country, your great hospitality today at the @WhiteHouse and, of course, your love for our Sweet Home Alabama!”

Gov. Ivey added, “Thrilled to be at @WhiteHouse as a member of the National Space Council Users Advisory Group, representing other governors across our country. Was very encouraged to hear @POTUS offer tremendous support for space exploration—I agree—we must ensure the U.S. remains a space leader!”

President Trump called for American dominance in space in his comments and added that Space Force will be separate from and equal to the U.S. Air Force, reminiscent of the Air Force’s split from the U.S. Army after World War II.

“We must have American dominance in space,” the President said. “Very importantly, I’m hereby directing the Department of Defense and Pentagon to immediately begin the process necessary to establish the Space Force as the sixth branch of the armed forces. That’s a big step. We are going to have the Air Force and we are going to have the Space Force: separate but equal, it is going to be something so important.”

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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