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Rogers says Strzok should be fired, that it’s time to shut down the Mueller probe

Alabama Republican Congressman Mike Rogers

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Saks) said on Wednesday that, “It is time to shut it down,” speaking of Robert Mueller’s probe into whether or not Donald Trump and the Trump 2016 presidential campaign knowingly colluded with intelligence agents of the Russian government in order to expose damaging information about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D) and win the presidency.

Congressman Rogers made the comments in an appearance on the Fox Business Channel program: The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan.

Regan asked Rogers if the Mueller investigation had been started because of political bias in the FBI.

“Its obvious that it did,” Congressman Rogers said.

On Tuesday, FBI agent Peter Strzok was escorted from the FBI building due to an internal review based on findings by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General alleging improper conduct by Strzok.

“He should be fired,” Congressman Rogers said of Strzok.

On the Mueller investigation Rogers said, “We have spent an enormous amount of money on it to no avail.” Rogers said that the Mueller probe has not found any hint of bad behavior by Trump.

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“The Mueller witch hunt needs to be shut down right here, right now!” Rogers said on social media with a link to his interview by Regan.

Regan told Rogers that they had had his general election opponent, Mallory Hagan, on and she told us that she has a chance against you because your not responsive enough.

Rogers said “My guess is that Nancy Pelosi told that to every Democrats running who is challenging a Republican.”
Rogers said that they have got nothing else.

Hagan was Miss America in 2013 and Miss New York in 2012. She is a graduate of Opelika High School and has degrees from Auburn University and the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Tuesday’s removal of Strzok from the building effectively ends Peter Strzok’s FBI career. Strzok as head agent for the FBI’s intelligence division handled both the Hillary Clinton email server investigation and the Trump campaign Russian collusion investigation. He had been working on the Mueller probe; but was removed by Mueller after it was revealed that Strzok and his lover, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, had a lengthy string of text messages revealing their open hostility to Donald Trump bias; including a message from Strzok to Page referring to Trump in which Strzok vowed, “We will stop him.”

After his removal from the Mueller investigation, Strzok was reassigned to FBI Human Resources. Page had also been demoted. Lisa Page resigned on May 4 along with the FBI’s former top attorney James Baker. Baker is being investigated for the possible leaking of classified information to former MI6 agent Richard Steele who was being employed by the Hillary Clinton campaign to do opposition research into Donald Trump. The Steele dossier was later used as a justification for the Mueller investigation. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in March after the IG formally cited McCabe for: lack of candor under oath, lack of candor when not under oath, and the improper disclosure of non-public information to the media about the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Pres. Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey in 2017.  Robert Mueller is a former FBI director.

Congressman Mike Rogers represents Alabama’s Third Congressional District. Rogers is seeking his ninth term in Congress in the November 6 general election versus Hagan.

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To see Regan’s full interview of Rogers click here.

(Original reporting by Fox Business Channel, Fox News, and the New York Post contributed to this report.)

Written By

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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