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Rogers addresses MARC in Vestavia

Brandon Moseley



Saturday. Congressman Mike Rogers updated the Mid Alabama Republican Club (MARC) on the national political scene.

Rogers said that while Vestavia Hills is not in his district, it does not include nearby St. Clair County. “I love St. Clair County.”

Rogers said that when he was in the state legislature, even though Republicans were in the minority the capital press corps, it is a lot smaller now, would let us get our message across. It is not like that in Washington. “The national new media is completely in the tank for the Democrats. We have Fox but that reaches a very small sliver of the national audience.”

“The country wanted us out of that economic morass and they wanted a conservative Justice to replace Justice Antonin Scalia,” Rogers said. Both of those have been achieved.

We used the Congressional Review Act to begin overturning regulations that the Obama Administration passed on their way out, Rogers said. Then the President’s cabinet picks started getting in there and started doing the same things. “The stock market stated ticking up because they realized that they did not have an enemy in the White House.”

Rogers said that Trump did something unique. He produced a list of 25 names he would appoint to the Supreme Court. His first pick, Neil Gorsuch sailed through. He went back to that list when he picked Brett Kavanaugh. “I think that (announcing a list of judges during the campaign) is going to be expected going forward.”

“We went forward on repealing and reforming Obamacare,” Rep. Rogers said. “We got a replacement for Obamacare through the House. We thought we had the votes in the Senate. Senator McCain told the Majority Leader and the President that he was a yes vote and then came in, voted no, and hugged Diane Feinstein.”


“Senator McCain has been replaced by Senator Kyle,” Rogers said. “Kyle is a much more reliable Republican vote than McCain.”

“We went through months of vigorous debate and on December 17th we finally passed the Tax cut bill,” Rogers said. “We brought the corporate tax rate down from 35 percent to 21 percent. We had the highest corporate tax rate in the world.” We cut all the tax rates. “When that passed we were 16 points down in the generic ballot. All the people had heard in the news media was that Republicans were watching our for rich folks.”

“Corporate America got a 40 percent tax cut,” Rogers said. “Apple announced they were going to create 20,000 new jobs and were moving $30 billion back overseas with the intent to bring it all back eventually. We estimate that there is $4 trillion in U.S. corporate tax dollars overseas. Most of it in banks in Great Britain and Ireland.” Corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders and they weren’t going to bring that money back at a confiscatory tax rate. Wal-Mart raised their minimum wage to $11 an hour. Regions Bank and Protective Life raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour. The average taxpayer got a tax cut of $1000. Nancy Pelosi said that that was “just crumbs.” She thinks that a $1000 is just crumbs. If you are married to a fellow with over a $100 million that may just be crumbs, but in my district that is a new set of tires.”


“In the last quarter we had 4.1 percent growth,” Rogers said. “The Fed has reported that in the current quarter we have 4.2 percent and predicted that it will be 4.6 percent in the fourth quarter. It is driving the Democrats nuts. Americans see that he is making their lives better.”

“He (Pres. Trump) has also made us safer,” Rogers said. “North Korea was testing ICBMs almost weekly. China was building islands in the South China sea and it was not to grow flowers on but to build bases.”
Rogers said that in Barack Obama’s last few years our European allies were telling us that they were not sure that we were a reliable ally anymore.

“Everybody understands that America is the 800 pound gorilla in NATO,” Rogers said. When Pres. Trump fired the cruise missiles into Syria, “I was leading a CODEL and we were meeting with Gen Scaparrotti who was the Commander of NATO. We did not know it but he had been up all night planning that attack. Those European defense ministers were grinning ear to ear. America is back.”

“The President dropped a MOAB on Afghanistan, that is the mother of all bombs, and that got their intention,” Rogers said. “It also got the intention of Kim Jung Un.”

Kim Jung Un stopped his testing and wanted to meet, Rogers said. Testing is how you learn. Kim Jung Un was learning each time he tested. They met in Singapore, that is important because Singapore is one of the hottest economies in Asia. The message is clear we can make North Korea like Singapore if they will work with us and not be a threat Rogers said.

According to media reports they had developed a missile to reach Alaska and California, Rogers said. And they had developed a nuclear tipped weapon. “Don’t get me wrong I don’t trust that little runt,” Rogers said.

Rogers predicted, “We are going to keep the United States House of Representatives.”

One member of the audience asked Rogers what he thought about what Jeff Sessions is doing.

“I don’t know what to say,” Rogers said. “He is radio silent. I don’t know what is going on. There is some speculation that he is investigating Hillary Clinton and the email scandal. I love Jeff Sessions but the public has a right to know.”

One audience member asked who was going to be the next Speaker of the House.

“It is going to be Kevin McCarthy,” Rogers said. Steve Scalise has endorsed McCarthy. “Kevin has got the vote we have just go to hold on to the House.”

One audience member asked why the House can vote so much faster than the Senate even though it has more than four times the members.

Rogers credited electronic voting for that. “We push the green button for yes, red for no, or yellow for I am too stupid to know how to vote or present.” The Senate has voice votes where they read a roll and each Senator announces how they are voting. They should probably go to an electronic voting system to but there are a lot of things in the House that the Senate should adopt.

The Federation of Young Republicans Chair Jackie Curtiss and Jefferson County Republican Party Chair Sallie Bryant announced that they were organizing volunteers to door knock for state Representative David Faulkner (R-Mountain Brook).

“It is a very tight race,” Curtis said. “We are on the bubble.”

The Mid Alabama Republican Club meets on the Second Saturday of each month in the Vestavia Hills Public Library. Former State Representative Paul DeMarco is the President of the MARC.
Congressman Mike Rogers represents Alabama’s Third Congressional District.


Aerospace and Defense

Jones criticized for voting to limit Trump’s war powers authority

Brandon Moseley



Thursday, U.S. Senator Doug Jones (D-Alabama) voted in favor of S.J.Res.68, a resolution which directs the removal of United States military from hostilities against the Islamic Republic of Iran that have not been authorized by Congress. Jones have been criticized by Republicans for voting to limit President Donald J. Trump’s war powers on Iran.

“Before a President can lead us into war, he or she must first earn the support of the American people and also fulfill their solemn constitutional obligation to seek approval from Congress,” Sen. Jones said in a statement. “While the President has the power to protect Americans in the case of an imminent attack, that authority does not extend to committing our service members to long-term hostilities unilaterally. This resolution sends a strong message that we will follow the Constitution and we will not send our troops into harm’s way without the serious consideration and consent of the Congress.”

Trump Victory National Finance Committee member Perry O. Hooper Jr. released a statement in response.

“Senator Jones once again turned his back on Alabama and voted as the leftwing Democrats commanded. He has no regard for the values, opinions or views of Alabamians,” Hooper said. “He sees us as deplorables just like the elites of the Democratic party who have funded 80 percent of his doomed campaign for re-election.:

Hooper stated, “I whole heartily support the President who stated ‘We are doing very well with Iran and this is not the time to show weakness… If my hands were tied, Iran would have a field day. Sends a very bad signal. The Democrats are only doing this as an attempt to embarrass the Republican Party.’”

“The Commander-in-chief must be free to work with his staff and his military leaders to conduct covert operations like the one that eliminated Iran’s terrorist-in-chief General Soleimani,” Hooper added. “You can’t micromanage the war on terrorism. The Democrats in Congress are so filled with Trump Derangement Syndrome that no matter how much it would benefit our country and the world; they would never give Trump a “victory”. If it came down to it, they would leak everything to the media no matter what the consequences.”

Senator Jones is a cosponsor of the legislation and a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Eight moderate Republicans voted with the Democrats on the resolution.


Senator Jones has also been criticized by Republicans for his comments that he was “appalled” by Pres. Trump’s actions following his acquittal on both Articles of Impeachment.

“Newsflash for Senator Doug Jones: Most Alabamians have been appalled by his actions his entire time in office,” former Attorney General Jeff Sessions said. “It’s about time we send Doug home, and replace him with someone who understands our values. Alabamians deserve a Senator they can be proud of again.”

Sessions is a candidate for the Republican nomination for Jones’ Senate seat.


The Republican primary will be on March 3.

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Congressional candidates call on Sessions, Byrne to stand up for South Alabama





At a rare joint press conference, the Democratic Candidates for the First Congressional District called on Rep. Bradley Byrne and former Sen. Jeff Sessions to stand up for South Alabama following the Trump Administration’s proposal to cut nearly $300 million slated for projects awarded to Austal.

“The current administration’s decision to divert that funding from Austal to build the border wall is harmful to our community and will potentially put good jobs at risk,” said Dr. James Averhart, CW05, USMC retired. “This is nothing more than a political stunt on the backs of the hard-working men and women of South Alabama.”

Over the years, South Alabama has become a hub for shipbuilding and defense projects developing ships and planes for the United States military.

“While the President may be comfortable playing political games with our communities, our representatives must stand strong against this disastrous decision,” said Dr. Kiani Gardner, a scientist and professor. “We are grateful Senator Jones is speaking out against it and the devastating impacts it could have on our communities.”

This matter transcends partisan politics, our Republican representatives must stand with Senator Jones and tell President Trump to find a better way to protect our Southern border,” said Rick Collins, a longtime Mobile businessman.

This is only the latest Trump Administration proposals that could have devastating impacts for the local economy. Recently, the administration proposed new tariffs that would have a significant impact on Airbus’ local operation.



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Sanders campaign seeking Bernie Victory Captains in Alabama

Brandon Moseley



Saturday the Bernie Sanders for President campaign announced that they are seeking Bernie Victory Captains in Alabama who will host at least one Bernie event every week between now and the Alabama presidential primary on March 3.

“As a Bernie Victory Captain, you will host voter contact events like phone banks and Bernie Journeys to the states that vote before us that are vital to securing support for Bernie and our movement,” the Sanders campaign wrote in recruiting emails. “You will be working with world-class organizers and dedicated supporters across the country.”

“Voting for the Democratic nominee who will take on Trump is well underway,” the campaign continued. “We won Iowa and New Hampshire, and mail-in and early voting ballots are being cast across the country. Before we know it, it will be your state’s turn to vote! So we’re looking for supporters in Alabama to join our Bernie Victory Captain program. Bernie Victory Captains are supporters who can commit to hosting one event a week between now and the Alabama primary.”

Bernie Victory Captains are leading teams of people canvassing neighborhoods. They also played important roles in Sanders’ win in New Hampshire and close second place finish in Iowa. Sanders had more votes in Iowa than South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg; but the Iowa Democratic Party ruled that because Buttigieg won more caucuses that he was the winner of Iowa and not Sanders.

“A volunteer I hosted on a Bernie Journey to New Hampshire this weekend just emailed to tell me she wouldn’t have volunteered if she didn’t see the event near her. Heartwarming,” on Bernie Victory Captain wrote.

“Conquered my fear of canvassing. Hosted my third canvass yesterday and it went GREAT!!” another wrote.

Sanders is a U.S. Senator from Vermont. Though Sanders is an independent and a self-proclaimed socialist he caucuses with Senate Democrats.


The pro-Bernie group: Our Revolution wrote in an email: “The corporate media and the billionaire class have escalated their propaganda against Bernie and our movement.”

“Chris Matthews had a near hysterical breakdown on MSNBC about being “executed” in Central Park if Bernie is elected,” the group continued. “The former head of Goldman Sachs said that Bernie would “ruin” the American economy. MSNBC pretended that Buttigieg, Klobuchar, and Biden are one candidate to justify not admitting that Bernie is the frontrunner in the presidential primary race.”

“As our vision of a just government that represents working people continues to gain momentum, their attacks will only become more vicious,” the group continued. “Our Revolution is organizing all over America to support Bernie and a wave of progressive candidates who share our values. Rush a donation now to help us fight back against increasingly desperate corporate propaganda and organize to win in Nevada and all over the country!”


Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) had appeared to be the Democratic frontrunner; but his campaign was rocked by disappointing finishes in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Biden has been stung by GOP criticism that his son Hunter Biden profited from lucrative overseas deal in Ukraine and China off of Biden’s tenure as Vice President.

Former New York City Mayor billionaire Michael Bloomberg has assembled a large campaign apparatus that includes hundreds of the Democratic Party’s top operatives and strategists. He has spent more than $350 million of his own fortune into a months-long national advertising campaign that has lifted him in the polls as Biden has struggled in the early contests that Bloomberg ignored.

Bloomberg needs one more national poll sanctioned by the Democratic Party to show that he has ten percent support or more for him to participate in the next Democratic debate on Wednesday in Los Vegas. Sanders, Buttigieg, Biden, and U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota) and Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) have already qualified to be on the debate stage.

Congresswoman Terri A Sewell, D-Selma, and U.S. Senator Doug Jones (D) have both endorsed VP Biden. The Alabama Democratic Conference and its leader Alabama Democratic Party Vice Chair for Minority Affairs Joe Reed has endorsed Bloomberg.

The Alabama Democratic Presidential primary will be on March 3.

People in states like California and South Carolina with early voting are already casting their ballots.

Original reporting by the Hill contributed to this report.

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Mexico isn’t paying for Trump’s border wall. Alabama is.

Josh Moon



Looks like Mexico isn’t paying for that “big, beautiful wall” at the southern border. 

Alabama is. 

The Trump administration announced on Thursday that it would be diverting more than $260 million of funds originally slated for a Navy ship building operation located in the Port of Mobile and will instead use those funds to construct a portion of Trump’s border wall. 

“I am very concerned about the impact a decision like this could have on communities like Mobile, whose ship-building workforce is second to none,” Alabama Sen. Doug Jones said. “I understand and agree we need to protect our borders, but I can’t understand for the life of me why folks in Mobile would be paying for this wall.”

The money was originally earmarked for Austal Inc., which had been selected by the Navy to build 11 Expeditionary Fast Transport ships. Those EFT ships are designed to provide the Navy with quick, shallow-water transport of both troops and equipment. 

“First and foremost, I support the President’s efforts to build the wall,” Sen. Richard Shelby said. “My strong preference is to do so through a direct appropriation, but Democrats have refused. While I am disappointed that the Department of Defense intends to target important priorities such as the Expeditionary Fast Transport, the Democrats left the President little choice in finding the funds necessary to build the wall. Ultimately, building the wall and providing for our national defense should be our highest priorities.

This is not exactly true. The 2020 Federal Budget included $1.37 billion in funding for the wall — a total agreed upon by Congress last year after tense budget negotiations. 


To date, Trump’s wall has cost American taxpayers — who are footing the entire bill for this project, despite Trump’s promises — more than $400 million and is projected to exceed more than $11 billion at its current rate. 

Thus far, only about 110 miles of border wall has been built, and nearly all of that is replacement of the border structures that were in place. 

The goal was to erect a border wall covering the majority of an 864-mile zone that the administration deemed a priority. So far, zero miles of that zone have been completed, and the entire project has faced a number of setbacks. Most troubling is the fact that nearly half of that zone consists of privately owned lands in Texas, and the landowners have refused to sell. 


However, the Trump administration is moving forward, continuing to push money into the project. And the search for additional funding has been almost as controversial as the project itself, with the Trump administration taking heat for pulling money from a variety of projects, including the improvement of base housing around the country. 

And now, Alabama stands to lose hundreds of millions. 

“The (transport ship) is responsible for hundreds of good-paying jobs in South Alabama, but I am even more concerned about the impact this decision has on our men and women in uniform and our national security,” Jones said. “This decision puts Alabama jobs on the line and it is going to make us less safe by denying our troops the resources they need to stay safe and fulfill their missions.”

Immigration experts also question the effectiveness of the wall on illegal immigration, and most national security experts agree that it will have little effect on the nation’s overall. 

The overwhelming majority of undocumented workers in the U.S. don’t enter through the southern border. Additionally, despite constant rhetoric from Republicans and from Trump that terrorists are crossing the Mexican border, a CATO Institute study in 2018 found that of the seven terrorism suspects apprehended in the U.S. after entering the country illegally, none crossed the southern border. Instead, they entered through Canada.


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