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Madison County GOP holds rally in Huntsville

Brandon Moseley



Tuesday, October 23 over 700 people attended the Republican rally and barbecue dinner in Huntsville. Congressman Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville), Attorney General Steve Marshall, Lieutenant Governor candidate state Representative Will Ainsworth (R-Guntersville), Chief Justice candidate Tom Parker, Secretary of State John Merrill, and Public Service Commissioner Jeremy Oden all addressed the overflow crowd.

“You are now witnessing one of the strongest economies that we have seen not only in America, but also in the Tennessee Valley,” Congressman Mo Brooks said. “Toyota Mazda will generate 10,000 jobs inside our facility and another 10,000 jobs in tier one and tier two suppliers.”

“How many of you remember the economic malaise of Jimmy Carter?” Brooks said. “The Democratic Party is now the Socialist Party of America. 56 percent of Democrats say that they prefer socialism over capitalism. If you know anything about history, you know that socialism never works anywhere that it is tried. They had their chance and the result was 8 years of economic anemia. Yes, we had 1 percent and 2 percent growth, but that is not enough to raise the living standards of American families. We have had a 3 percent increase in income in the last year. If we can continue that over time we can improve the lives of the American people substantially.”

Brooks said that when he first went to Congress he gave speech in which he spoke on, “how many socialists there are in Washington DC and there was an uproar so much so that they moved to strike my remarks from the record. Now with Bernie Sanders they are proudly declaring themselves to be socialists.”

Lt. Gov. candidate Will Ainsworth condemned Walt Maddox’s vicious attacks on Governor Kay Ivey and warned that there would be even more negative attacks on Ivey and Attorney General Steve Marshall between now and the election.

“They have moved so far left that our school children are actually having serious discussions on capitalism versus socialism,” Ainsworth said. “Doug Jones, what an embarrassment!”

Ainsworth urged everyone to vote straight ticket Republican on election day.

AG Steve Marshall thanked the Republicans for giving him the greatest honor of his life by nominating him for AG.


“I have been a prosecutor for 20 years,” Marshall said that under Republican leadership. “We have the lowest unemployment in Alabama history.”

Marshall said that we have reduced the number of opioid prescriptions while he has been AG and has worked to confront violent crime.
“George Soros thinks he cam put $200,000 into this state and change it,” Marshall said.

“Last Friday the Alabama Supreme Court upheld the death sentence for Jesse Livell,” Marsball said. Livell killed his wife and their unborn child. Judge Parker wrote a concurrent opinion upholding that verdict.

Marshall slammed his opponent, Joseph Siegelman (D), who is running an ad campaign claiming to be bringing government back home to the people. Marshall dismissed Siegelman and his people as liberals.
“His people voted for Hillary Clinton, his people want Chuck Schumer in charge of the Senate, and Nancy Pelosi to run the House of Representatives,” Marshall stated.
“We will continue to stand with the City of Pensacola and a cross that has stood for 49 years,” Marshall said,

Rep. Brooks said, “Justice Parker understand that in a Republic it is the elected representatives who make laws and no the judiciary. He is not the kind o judge who sees himself as a super king.”

Tom Parker said, “I am running for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.”  That with the confirmations of Brett Kavanaugh we have a conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court for the first time in decades. To be effective they need rulings from state courts for them to act on and give conservative rulings. This is why the left is spending so much money in state judicial races.

“They want judges who refuse to prosecute crime on laws they disagree with,” Parker said. “The presumption of innocence until proven guilty is at stake. These guys have condoned violence. They are practicing anarchy. They are saying that a justice who rules on the Constitution as it is written is an activist. Our founding fathers gave us a system of government that is designed to make America great.”

“Soros is pouring in money, Planned Parenthood is pouring in money because they are afraid,” Parker said. “I have been attacked personally by George Soros. I have been attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

“We are supposed to stand for truth and the American way,” Parker said. “Unfortunately, if you do it in this environment you will be attacked,”
“We want the restoration of the United States of America,” Justice

Parker stated. “Please vote Republican on November Sixth.”

Secretary of State John Merrill said that as Secretary of State he has registered over one million people to vote and, “We removed over 650,000 people from the rolls because they have moved away, they have passed away, or they have been put away.”

Merrill said that he has downsized the office from 49 employees down to 38 employees; but “for 121 consecutive weeks we have been same day on business filings and have saved you over $2 million. We asked to be zeroed out of the general fund because we no longer work at the speed of government but at the speed of business.”

“We need to join together, and we need to be fully committed,” Sec. Merrill said. “I need your vote on November Sixth.”

Public Service Commissioner Jeremy Oden said, “It is good to be a Republican. You have got the best candidates ever on our side in this election.”

“You mark that Republican and you take care of your state candidates, your congressional candidates, and your local candidates.”

Oden said that the old Democratic Party is gone and has been taken over now by socialists and communists. “They are marching on the border as we stand here today.”

Brooks said, “If we lose this election socialism will again take hold and we will see another anemic American economy.”

“The other side is just wrong,” Brooks stated. “They are wrong for the City of Huntsville, they are wrong for Madison County, they are wrong for the state of Alabama, they are wrong for the United States of America.”

“They don’t care about borders,” Brooks added. “They don’t care about the Americans who are killed by illegal aliens, they don’t care about the thousands of Americans who are killed by the poisons given to them by MS13 and other criminal gangs and cartels. They care more about importing a huge block of voters who they can put on welfare in perpetuity.”

“They are pushing to let non-citizens vote in our elections,” Brooks said. They are registering noncitizens to vote in municipal elections in Democrat controlled cities like San Francisco.

Brooks said that Democrats want non-citizens to vote, “Because they don’t trust Americans. They want to change our voter pool by allowing noncitizens to vote in our elections.”

Brooks thanked Steve Marshall for suing to prevent illegal immigrants from being counted in reapportionment and warned that Alabama is about to lose a congressional seat and an electoral college vote if the number of illegals is used in reapportionment. A recent study said that there are 20 million people here illegally.

“We are rewarding the lawlessness of sanctuary cities,” Brooks said. By taking those congressmen from those states that attempt to follow the law and giving them to places that refuse to follow the law. “I want to personally thank Steve Marshall our Attorney General for fighting that in federal court.”

“Our internal polling show that we are going to keep the Senate and pick up one to Senate seats,” Brooks said. “Polling on the House side is more of a tossup as to whether we can keep control of the House.”

Brooks said that Maxine Waters on TV said that if they take control of Congress they are going to impeach and remove Mike Pence at the same time that they impeach and remove President Trump. Who would be President then? Nancy Pelosi! That is a coup d’etat. “Maxine Waters is in line to be Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee if Democrats take over the House.”

Brooks said that two Democrats “have put in $200 million to help the Democrats take control of the Senate and the House of Representatives and that does not even include George Soros.”

The Chairman of the Madison County Republican Party Chairman is Sam Givhan. Givhan is also the GOP nominee for State Senate representing Madison County in the Alabama legislature.

Chairman Givhan said of the massive crowd, “This is our best turnout yet.”

The general election will be Tuesday, November 6.



National Right to Life Committee endorses Aderholt

Brandon Moseley



Wednesday, the campaign to re-elect Congressman Robert Aderholt, (R Haleyville) announced that the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) has endorsed him for re-election to Alabama’s Fourth Congressional District.

“I am truly humbled to have the endorsement of the National Right to Life Committee,” said Congressman Aderholt. “I have, and I always will, fight for those who are the most vulnerable among us. I cannot think of anyone more vulnerable than the unborn. The National Right to Life Committee is committed to this fight, and it is an honor to fight along side them. As I have said before, no argument on the Pro-Choice side can get around one fundamental fact, abortion stops a human heartbeat.”

The NRLC Committee commended Aderholt in its endorsement:

“National Right to Life is pleased to endorse you for re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives,” the Committee wrote. “We strongly commend you for maintaining a perfect 100% pro-life voting record throughout the 116th Congress.”

“You voted in support of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” the endorsement letter continued. “This legislation would require that a baby born alive during an abortion must be afforded the same degree of care that would apply to any other child at the same gestational age. You support the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This Act would protect unborn children at 20 weeks, a point by which the unborn child is capable of experiencing great pain when being killed by dismemberment or other late abortion methods. You oppose using tax dollars to pay for abortion, and you oppose taxpayer funding of abortion providers.”

“You are a strong advocate for life,” the Committee said of Rep. Aderholt. “This endorsement reflects your commitment to strengthening a culture of life throughout our nation and in the U.S. House. We look forward to continuing our important work with you to protect the most vulnerable members of the human family – unborn children, the medically dependent, and persons with disabilities, whose lives are threatened by abortion or euthanasia.”

“All voters who are concerned with the right to life and with the protection of the most vulnerable members of the human family should vote to return you to the U.S. House, so that you can continue to work to advance vital pro-life public policies,” the endorsement letter concludes.

Robert B. Aderholt is a member of the powerful House Committee on Appropriations, which has jurisdiction over funding the operation of the federal government. He serves as Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice and Science. Aderholt also serves as a member of the Agriculture and Rural Development Subcommittee and the Defense Subcommittee. Aderholt is an advocate of fiscal responsibility, truth in budgeting and a federal government that operates within its means.


Aderholt also serves as a commission member of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (commonly known as the Helsinki Commission). The Helsinki Commission is comprised of 56 countries around the world that together monitors human rights in Europe and Central Asia.

Aderholt believes the federal government serves a critical role in assisting state and local projects regarding economic development. He support pro-growth initiatives that create jobs, strong immigration standards, and robust national security.

Prior to his election to Congress, Aderholt served as Assistant Legal Advisor to Governor Fob James (R) as well as Municipal Judge for the city of Haleyville, Alabama. Aderholt has a bachelor’s degree from Birmingham Southern College and a law degree from the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University. He was born on July 22, 1965, and raised in Alabama, Aderholt and his wife, Caroline, have two children.

Congressman Robert Aderholt is seeking his thirteenth term representing Alabama’s Fourth Congressional District.

Aderholt faces a general election challenge from Democratic nominee Rick Neighbors.

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Phyllis Schlafly Eagles’ President Ed Martin endorses Bill Hightower for Congress

Brandon Moseley



Wednesday, Bill Hightower’s campaign for Congress announced that Phyllis Schlafly Eagles’ President Ed Martin is endorsing Hightower.

In addition to serving as President of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, Ed Martin also co-authored Phyllis Schlafly’s last book: ‘The Conservative Case for Trump.’ Martin succeeded Schlafly after her death late in 2016. She was 92.

“In the tradition of the late Phyllis Schlafly, I am pleased to endorse Bill Hightower for Congress in Alabama’s First Congressional District” said Ed Martin. “We endorse candidates who support President Trump and his Pro America agenda. Those candidates must be pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Constitution. Bill Hightower is a strong conservative with a proven track record of supporting these fundamental American values.”

“I am thrilled to receive Ed’s endorsement,” Hightower said. “Phyllis and her Eagles were foundational leaders of the pro-family, conservative movement and ensuring traditional values were engaged in the political process. Those are the same values I support, those are the same values that made me one of Alabama’s most conservative state senators during my time in Montgomery, and those are the same values I will take with me to represent south Alabama in Washington.”

Schlafly was the founder and longtime President of Eagle Forum. Ed Martin was President of Eagle Forum, but was forced out by the Board led by Schlafly’s daughter who were backing Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, for President. Schlafly and her sons endorsed Trump and created the break-away Eagles group in response.

Martin’s endorsement is the latest conservative leader to endorse Hightower’s campaign for Congress. Hightower has been endorsed by the nation’s oldest and largest pro-life organization, National Right to Life; as well as former Senator Rick Santorum, R-Pennsylvania, and Sen. Cruz.

Hightower was ranked as one of the most conservative State Senators in Alabama when he was in the legislature. There he advocated for smaller government, lower taxes, term limits, and a flat state income tax. Hightower was a candidate for Governor in 2018; but was defeated by Gov. Kay Ivey in the Republican primary.

As a boy, Hightower worked on his grandparent’s farm, cleaned swimming pools, and as a laborer on construction projects. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Alabama and a Master’s in Business Administration from Vanderbilt University.


In business, Bill has worked with Fortune 500 and other corporations including Emerson Electric, AlliedSignal, Eaton, and Balfour-Beatty. In 2002, he moved back to Mobile, to be closer to family. He now runs several small businesses.

Bill Hightower is married to Susan Binegar Hightower. They have three children and three grandchildren.

Hightower faces Mobile County Commissioner Jerry Carl in the Republican primary runoff on July 14.

The winner of the GOP runoff will face the winner of the Democratic Party runoff where James Averhart is running against Kiani Gardner. The general election will be November 3.

Incumbent Congressman Bradley Byrne, R-Montrose, is not seeking re-election.

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DOJ defends Alabama absentee voting law

Josh Moon



The U.S. Department of Justice isn’t using its vast powers to ensure the country’s most vulnerable people can exercise their right to vote, but is instead focusing its efforts on defending laws that clearly violate the spirit of the Voting Rights Act, an attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center said Tuesday. 

The comments, from SPLC senior staff attorney Caren Short, came in response to a DOJ filing in a federal lawsuit filed on behalf of several plaintiffs by SPLC, The NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program. That lawsuit seeks to implement curbside voting for at-risk citizens during the current pandemic and also to remove requirements for certain voter IDs and that witnesses sign absentee ballot requests. 

The DOJ filed a brief on Tuesday stating that it is the agency’s position that Alabama’s law requiring witnesses for absentee ballots does not violate Section 201 of the Voting Rights Act, because it is not a test or device as referenced in the Act. 

“It is not a literacy test, it is not an educational requirement, and it is not a moral character requirement,” Jay Town, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, said in the brief. “Nor, contrary to Plaintiffs’ position, is it a voucher requirement prohibited by Section 201’s fourth and final provision.”

Plaintiffs in the case have argued that the requirement for a single person with a pre-existing condition could pose a grave risk and reasonably lead to them being unable to safely cast a vote. In fact, they point out in the lawsuit instances in which the DOJ, prior to the Trump administration, also had argued against states requiring witnesses. 

“Our complaint demonstrates how Alabama’s witness requirement violates Section 201 of the Voting Rights Act,” said Deuel Ross, senior counsel for the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. “In the past, the DOJ itself has objected to witness requirements, but since February 2017, it has brought zero new voting rights cases.”

The “voucher” requirement was one of many tactics utilized by whites to prevent black citizens from voting. In practice, it required that any black person wishing to vote must first obtain the signature of a white person. 

Towns argued in the brief that there were differences between voucher requirements and the witness signatures, including that the witness doesn’t have to be a registered voter and the witness is merely signing that he or she witnessed the absentee voter filling out the ballot.



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Sessions slams Tuberville for saying China has “a better military” than the U.S.

Brandon Moseley



“On the day after Memorial Day, Tommy Tuberville is exalting the Chinese Communist Party’s military over our own,” GOP Senate candidate Jeff Sessions said in a statement.

This was in reaction to Tommy Tuberville’s Tuesday comments on the Jeff Poor Radio Show when he said China has a “better military” than the United States.

“We’ve got China that’s got a better military, and things, than we have,” Tuberville said.

Sessions responded with this statement:

“Mr. Tuberville should immediately apologize,” Sessions said. “His views further prove that he’s not fit to be a United States Senator. His comments are an affront to the thousands of American military members who constitute the best fighting force the world has ever known.”

“I have been to Afghanistan and Iraq and visited with our troops numerous times and have been to every one of Alabama’s military bases countless times, and let me tell you, there is no better friend and no worse enemy than the United States military,” Sessions stated. “This is personal to me. I served proudly in the armed forces as a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve for over a decade. What Tommy Tuberville said is objectively wrong and reveals a lack of real understanding.”

Tuberville has said that he favors free trade.

Sessions has called China a threat to the United States and has suggested that Tuberville’s attitude is passive “appeasement” towards the Chinese Communist Party.


In an April radio interview on the Matt & Aunie Radio Show, when asked what should be done about China’s cover-up of the details about the coronavirus, Tuberville said, “We can’t worry about China right now.”

The host then followed up: “You say you don’t need to worry about China, but this came from China and our economy depends on China. Specifically, how to overcome some of that dependence on Chinese goods and specifically in the pharmaceutical industry because right now we’re dependent on the country that covered this up.”

“Now we’re seeing firsthand the results of letting everything go to China,” Tuberville responded. “The good thing about this is we’ll have manufacturing come back and drugs and all those things….we’re headed in that direction, just the simple fact that we can’t control our own destiny. Everything’s controlled by China. But that’ll take care of itself.”

During the Matt & Aunie interview, Tuberville also characterized the Wuhan Virus as “just a virus.”

Sessions has suggested that Tuberville’s comments show that he lacks a depth of understanding of the issues and has challenged Tuberville to a series of five debates.

“Mr. Tuberville, It is time for you to stop running away, and face me and the voters of Alabama,” Sessions said. “No candidate who is scared to debate, or unable to defend our values, is worthy of support from the people of Alabama. I challenge you to a series of five debates before the voters of Alabama, one for each major media market in our state. This will allow us to discuss the unique issues of each geographic area, as well as national and international issues.”

“Being a United States Senator is more than just casting the occasional vote,” Sessions continued. “Effective senators must be ready to debate Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and others on many issues and away from the safety of talking points scripted by Facebook’s chief open-borders lobbyist, who you’ve hired to help lead your Senate campaign. And anyone representing Alabama needs to be fully vetted before they are trusted to represent Alabama Republicans in a race against Doug Jones.”

Sessions also charged that Tuberville’s character would be exposed in a national campaign against Doug Jones, by Democrats.

“The Alabama voters need to hear you answer questions about the time you were sued for more than a million dollars in fraud at the failed hedge fund you started,” Sessions said.

Tuberville’s alleged partner went to prison for securities fraud and several prominent football coaches lost money investing in that hedge fund.

Sessions even attacked Tuberville’s football coaching prowess.

“They need to hear you answer questions about the suspicious circumstances of the unceremonious end to your Auburn coaching career—where you took millions of additional dollars beyond the buyout for which you weren’t even eligible,” Sessions charged. “They need to hear about the times you walked out on college recruits or quit jobs just days after promising you wouldn’t do so. They need to know everything. Because there is no question that the Democrats and Doug Jones already do, and they will spend millions using the skeletons in your closet against you.”

“If you won’t debate me now before the voters of Alabama, with two months to go until the election, there is no doubt that you would be eaten alive by Doug Jones, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer,” Sessions said. “You like to call me weak because I follow the law, and call yourself strong as you hide behind Silicon Valley’s talking points and clips from coaching jobs that you quit. Ok. Time to man up. Say it to my face. You are either strong enough to debate, or weak and scared.”

Tuberville maintains that he is endorsed by Donald Trump and that Sessions failed the President as Attorney General. As of this date, Tuberville has not agreed to any debates.

Sessions will face Tuberville in the July 14 Republican primary runoff. The winner will represent the Alabama Republican Party on November 3 against incumbent Sen. Doug Jones.

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