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Madison County GOP holds rally in Huntsville

Brandon Moseley



Tuesday, October 23 over 700 people attended the Republican rally and barbecue dinner in Huntsville. Congressman Mo Brooks (R-Huntsville), Attorney General Steve Marshall, Lieutenant Governor candidate state Representative Will Ainsworth (R-Guntersville), Chief Justice candidate Tom Parker, Secretary of State John Merrill, and Public Service Commissioner Jeremy Oden all addressed the overflow crowd.

“You are now witnessing one of the strongest economies that we have seen not only in America, but also in the Tennessee Valley,” Congressman Mo Brooks said. “Toyota Mazda will generate 10,000 jobs inside our facility and another 10,000 jobs in tier one and tier two suppliers.”

“How many of you remember the economic malaise of Jimmy Carter?” Brooks said. “The Democratic Party is now the Socialist Party of America. 56 percent of Democrats say that they prefer socialism over capitalism. If you know anything about history, you know that socialism never works anywhere that it is tried. They had their chance and the result was 8 years of economic anemia. Yes, we had 1 percent and 2 percent growth, but that is not enough to raise the living standards of American families. We have had a 3 percent increase in income in the last year. If we can continue that over time we can improve the lives of the American people substantially.”

Brooks said that when he first went to Congress he gave speech in which he spoke on, “how many socialists there are in Washington DC and there was an uproar so much so that they moved to strike my remarks from the record. Now with Bernie Sanders they are proudly declaring themselves to be socialists.”

Lt. Gov. candidate Will Ainsworth condemned Walt Maddox’s vicious attacks on Governor Kay Ivey and warned that there would be even more negative attacks on Ivey and Attorney General Steve Marshall between now and the election.

“They have moved so far left that our school children are actually having serious discussions on capitalism versus socialism,” Ainsworth said. “Doug Jones, what an embarrassment!”

Ainsworth urged everyone to vote straight ticket Republican on election day.


AG Steve Marshall thanked the Republicans for giving him the greatest honor of his life by nominating him for AG.

“I have been a prosecutor for 20 years,” Marshall said that under Republican leadership. “We have the lowest unemployment in Alabama history.”

Marshall said that we have reduced the number of opioid prescriptions while he has been AG and has worked to confront violent crime.
“George Soros thinks he cam put $200,000 into this state and change it,” Marshall said.


“Last Friday the Alabama Supreme Court upheld the death sentence for Jesse Livell,” Marsball said. Livell killed his wife and their unborn child. Judge Parker wrote a concurrent opinion upholding that verdict.

Marshall slammed his opponent, Joseph Siegelman (D), who is running an ad campaign claiming to be bringing government back home to the people. Marshall dismissed Siegelman and his people as liberals.
“His people voted for Hillary Clinton, his people want Chuck Schumer in charge of the Senate, and Nancy Pelosi to run the House of Representatives,” Marshall stated.
“We will continue to stand with the City of Pensacola and a cross that has stood for 49 years,” Marshall said,

Rep. Brooks said, “Justice Parker understand that in a Republic it is the elected representatives who make laws and no the judiciary. He is not the kind o judge who sees himself as a super king.”

Tom Parker said, “I am running for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.”  That with the confirmations of Brett Kavanaugh we have a conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court for the first time in decades. To be effective they need rulings from state courts for them to act on and give conservative rulings. This is why the left is spending so much money in state judicial races.

“They want judges who refuse to prosecute crime on laws they disagree with,” Parker said. “The presumption of innocence until proven guilty is at stake. These guys have condoned violence. They are practicing anarchy. They are saying that a justice who rules on the Constitution as it is written is an activist. Our founding fathers gave us a system of government that is designed to make America great.”

“Soros is pouring in money, Planned Parenthood is pouring in money because they are afraid,” Parker said. “I have been attacked personally by George Soros. I have been attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

“We are supposed to stand for truth and the American way,” Parker said. “Unfortunately, if you do it in this environment you will be attacked,”
“We want the restoration of the United States of America,” Justice

Parker stated. “Please vote Republican on November Sixth.”

Secretary of State John Merrill said that as Secretary of State he has registered over one million people to vote and, “We removed over 650,000 people from the rolls because they have moved away, they have passed away, or they have been put away.”

Merrill said that he has downsized the office from 49 employees down to 38 employees; but “for 121 consecutive weeks we have been same day on business filings and have saved you over $2 million. We asked to be zeroed out of the general fund because we no longer work at the speed of government but at the speed of business.”

“We need to join together, and we need to be fully committed,” Sec. Merrill said. “I need your vote on November Sixth.”

Public Service Commissioner Jeremy Oden said, “It is good to be a Republican. You have got the best candidates ever on our side in this election.”

“You mark that Republican and you take care of your state candidates, your congressional candidates, and your local candidates.”

Oden said that the old Democratic Party is gone and has been taken over now by socialists and communists. “They are marching on the border as we stand here today.”

Brooks said, “If we lose this election socialism will again take hold and we will see another anemic American economy.”

“The other side is just wrong,” Brooks stated. “They are wrong for the City of Huntsville, they are wrong for Madison County, they are wrong for the state of Alabama, they are wrong for the United States of America.”

“They don’t care about borders,” Brooks added. “They don’t care about the Americans who are killed by illegal aliens, they don’t care about the thousands of Americans who are killed by the poisons given to them by MS13 and other criminal gangs and cartels. They care more about importing a huge block of voters who they can put on welfare in perpetuity.”

“They are pushing to let non-citizens vote in our elections,” Brooks said. They are registering noncitizens to vote in municipal elections in Democrat controlled cities like San Francisco.

Brooks said that Democrats want non-citizens to vote, “Because they don’t trust Americans. They want to change our voter pool by allowing noncitizens to vote in our elections.”

Brooks thanked Steve Marshall for suing to prevent illegal immigrants from being counted in reapportionment and warned that Alabama is about to lose a congressional seat and an electoral college vote if the number of illegals is used in reapportionment. A recent study said that there are 20 million people here illegally.

“We are rewarding the lawlessness of sanctuary cities,” Brooks said. By taking those congressmen from those states that attempt to follow the law and giving them to places that refuse to follow the law. “I want to personally thank Steve Marshall our Attorney General for fighting that in federal court.”

“Our internal polling show that we are going to keep the Senate and pick up one to Senate seats,” Brooks said. “Polling on the House side is more of a tossup as to whether we can keep control of the House.”

Brooks said that Maxine Waters on TV said that if they take control of Congress they are going to impeach and remove Mike Pence at the same time that they impeach and remove President Trump. Who would be President then? Nancy Pelosi! That is a coup d’etat. “Maxine Waters is in line to be Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee if Democrats take over the House.”

Brooks said that two Democrats “have put in $200 million to help the Democrats take control of the Senate and the House of Representatives and that does not even include George Soros.”

The Chairman of the Madison County Republican Party Chairman is Sam Givhan. Givhan is also the GOP nominee for State Senate representing Madison County in the Alabama legislature.

Chairman Givhan said of the massive crowd, “This is our best turnout yet.”

The general election will be Tuesday, November 6.



Opponents accuse Tuberville of supporting amnesty for undocumented immigrants

Brandon Moseley



The Senate campaign is heating up as the top three candidates are all going negative. Former Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville has attacked Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-Montrose) and former Attorney General and Senator Jeff Sessions of being career politicians. Both Byrne and Tuberville have attacked Sessions for not having adequately served President Donald J. Trump (R) while Attorney General. Byrne has even attacked Tuberville’s coaching abilities. The latest attacks on Tuberville accuse him of supporting amnesty for illegal aliens. Sessions even accused Tuberville of being a “tourist.”

Wednesday, Sessions announced a new television ad called “Tuberville for Amnesty.”

Byrne and Tuberville point to an August speech by Coach Tuberville when he said: “There are people coming across the border that need jobs… and we want them to come over here… Let em’ come in and become citizens like we all became citizens.”

The Tuberville campaign called the attack “fake news” on Twitter.

Sessions’ campaign manager Jon Jones said, “Tuberville is claiming that his own words are ‘fake news.’ All of them? Tommy Tuberville needs to read the transcript. It is clear that Tuberville supports immigration amnesty, and he is attempting to trick Alabama voters to believe otherwise. In contrast, Jeff Sessions has done more than just say he wants to fix the border – he has already worked alongside President Trump to stop illegal immigration.”

The new Sessions ad reads: “Tuberville is trying to trick you, hiding his support for immigration amnesty.” Then plays an audio clip of the Tuberville comment from August

Tuesday, Byrne told reporters in Trussville: “I can tell you right now this issue about Tommy Tuberville’s position on amnesty is a key issue. And so we’re going to keep telling people about his position on that and let him explain why he doesn’t think that’s amnesty.”


“Let em’ come in and become citizens like we all became citizens,” Tuberville is quoted in the ad.

Tuberville has denied supporting amnesty and says that he supports President Trump’s immigration agenda.

The Sessions ad further charges: “And Tuberville’s not even from Alabama, he’s a tourist here. He lives, pays taxes and even votes in Florida.”


On Tuesday, the Tuberville campaign responded with an attack ad of their own.

“The career politicians are desperate to hang on to their paychecks and power, so they have started airing negative ads full of false attacks and baseless distortions,” Tuberville said. “Our new commercial allows us to respond with some hard truths about which candidate wants to drain the D.C. swamp and is tough enough to actually help President Trump get the job done.”

The Tuberville ad has Byrne with former Secretary Hillary Clinton and Sessions with Congressman Adam Schiff (D-California) who led the impeachment effort against President Trump. The ad even connects Sessions and Byrne with Sen. Mitt Romney (the only Republican in either House of Congress who found that the President did anything wrong.)

State Representative Arnold Mooney, former Chief Justice Roy Moore, Ruth Page Nelson, and businessman Stanley Adair are also running for the Republican nomination for the Senate seat currently held by Doug Jones (D).

The Republican primary is March 3.

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Republicans criticize Jones over his “stupid question” response to a constituent

Brandon Moseley



Republicans are criticizing U.S. Senator Doug Jones, D-Alabama, for a flippant response to a constituent asking how he will vote on a bill that would ban late-term abortions.

While Walking into an Alabama Employer Health Policy Discussion in Birmingham today, Jones had this interaction with a constituent:

The constituent asked: “Do you think abortion should be banned after 5 months?”

Sen. Jones responded, “What a stupid question.”

Constituent: “You’re voting on it next week.”

Senate candidate Congressman Bradley Byrne (R-Montrose) said, “Doug may find the sanctity of life funny now, but he won’t find it funny when we fire him in November. I’m running for Senate to ensure we have a Pro-Life, Pro-Trump fighter representing the people of Alabama in the U.S. Senate.”

Marjorie Dannenfelser is the President of the national pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List).


“Senator Doug Jones has proven once again that he is no moderate when it comes to abortion on demand through the moment of birth. Alabama’s Democratic senator may think it is ‘stupid’ to question his abortion extremism, but rest assured, his constituents take respect for human life very seriously,” President Dannenfelser said. “With a record of voting in favor of late-term abortion more than halfway through pregnancy and forced taxpayer funding of abortion, Sen. Jones has repeatedly betrayed Alabamians, siding with the radical abortion lobby and fellow extremist Democrats in Congress. Their agenda is dramatically out of step with the people of Alabama and the strong majority of Americans – including 55 percent of Independents and 43 percent of rank-and-file Democrats – who support compassionate limits on abortion after five months of pregnancy, when science clearly shows unborn babies can feel excruciating pain. If Senator Jones refuses to protect innocent unborn children, he won’t be laughing come Election Day.”

Alabama voters have approved a constitutional amendment that will ban abortion in the state when the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the controversial Roe vs. Wade decision.

Trump Victory National Finance Committee member Perry O. Hooper Jr. said in a statement, “This is a broken record with Doug Jones. It appears he bends over backwards to slap
Alabamians in the face. Always ignoring what Alabamians believe. We are Pro-Life. He is pro-abortion, it is that simple. He is a broken record. Never standing for Alabama values; He is a died in the wool leftist its that plain and simple. Abortion upon demand until birth is his mantra. He has no regard for human life unless they are on death row confected of multiple homicides. These are his victims not innocent children killed in the womb.”


Defeating Doug Jones and taking back the Senate seat is a top priority of Alabama Republicans.

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Hasdorff calls for “out-of-touch” Mike Bloomberg to visit an Alabama Farm

Brandon Moseley



Republican 2nd Congressional District candidate Terri Hasdorff challenged billionaire Democratic Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg to come visit an Alabama farm.

Hasdorff’s comments followed the re-release of Bloomberg statements dismissing farmers as lacking the “grey matter” to do other jobs.

In a 2016 speech at Oxford University in England, the former New York City Mayor said that he “could teach anybody, even the people in this room” to be a farmer. “You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn.”

“I am appalled at how out-of-touch Mr. Bloomberg is about how much work goes into successful farming,” Hasdorff said. “I’m personally inviting him to Alabama’s Second District where I would be happy to take him to one of our nearly 10,000 farms and give him a tour maybe we can even get him to roll up his sleeves and put in a little bit of real work!”

Alabama has a long, storied history as an agricultural states Even now, agriculture and forestry remains the largest industry in the state of Alabama.

“Alabama’s farmers are the backbone of our state,” Hasdorff continued. “The fact that someone like Michael Bloomberg feels he is entitled to belittle their hard work is appalling – but this is what the far left really thinks of real America. This is what out of touch Democrats and coastal elites believe. Mr. Bloomberg was just the one caught on tape.”

Hasdorff is part of a crowded Republican primary field on March 3. The Alabama Democratic presidential primary is also on March 3.


“This is why I’m running for Congress,” Hasdorff added. “We need leaders who understand the needs and struggles of hard-working Americans – farmers, manufacturers, people who keep our country fed and moving. We need real leaders who will fight for our people, not leaders who would have government replace true hard work and the American spirit.”

Hasdorff worked in the White House Office of Public Liaison in the George H.W. Bush (R) Administration. There she worked with faith leaders across the country. She worked on Capitol Hill for six years where her most meaningful assignments focused on keeping the government and Washington, D.C. elites from discriminating against churches and faith-based organizations. Hasdorff worked on the Ten Commandments Defense Act, defending the right of states to display the Ten Commandments in courthouses and public places. She served as a senior advisor on the Charitable Choice language, which put the Faith-Based initiative into law and still protects faith based organizations from discrimination when accessing federal funding. Hasdorff has worked on pro-life, pro-family legislation. Terri also worked in the George W. Bush Administration as America’s faith-based representative to the world. Hasdorff graduated from Samford University.

Second Congressional District incumbent Martha Roby (R-Montgomery) is not running for another term.


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Alabama voters will decide whether to fire the state school board

Jessa Reid Bolling



The fate of the state school board will be decided by Alabama voters on March 3. 

A proposed constitutional amendment, Amendment One, asks if voters want to change how the folks in charge of education at the state level are selected. 

A yes vote would abolish the elected State Board of Education and the Board-appointed position of State Superintendent of Education. Instead, there will be a Governor-appointed Commission, the Alabama Commission on Elementary and Secondary Education. The Commission would appoint a Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education, to replace the existing state Superintendent’s position.

A no vote would leave the current system in place, meaning school board members would still be elected by voters based on districts. 

The Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama (PARCA) conducted an analysis of the amendment, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses of the amendment. 

“Proponents say elected boards are more responsive to the public will. As elected officials, board members have their rightful place and, ideally, are only responsible to the people who elected them. They should be more empowered to oppose what they believe is not in the interests of the state’s schools and children.

At the same time, as elected officials, re-election is an important goal, if not the central goal. Thus elected board members may find themselves where the interests and desires of voters conflict with policies, programs and practices that best serve children. 


Conversely, proponents of appointed boards cite the strength of the vetting process in creating boards with knowledgeable, skilled, effective board members. An appointment process allows the governor to consider the needs of the board and the qualities different candidates would bring. 

Others cite that governor-appointed boards and appointed superintendents create a more efficient, aligned, and harmonious system for setting and implementing education priorities. Ambitious and substantive changes to a state’s school system are more feasible in a more efficient system that encourages collaboration and strengthens the governor’s capacity to effect change. However, while somewhat insulated, appointed boards are not immune from political pressure.”

Earlier this month, Governor Kay Ivey addressed PARCA at the annual Albert Brewer Legacy lunch at the Harbert Center in Birmingham, asking the council to support Amendment One.


“Alabama is at the bottom in about every education category that can be found,” Ivey said. “Too many of our third graders cannot read and too many of our high school graduates are not ready for a career or college.”

“Vote yes on amendment one when you go to the polls on March 3,” Ivey said. “We have had three superintendents in five years. We can do better.”


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