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Opinion | Gov. Kay Ivey is a game changer

Gov. Kay Ivey has become an awesome game changer within Alabama politics. As the third most popular governor within the United States, Ivey has earned the trust and respect from the nation. Most significantly, Ivey has surrounded herself with a sphere of influence of trusted persons, who are willing to fight for the state of Alabama, regardless of the outcome of the upcoming elections in 2020.

Supremely, Ivey as an educator, architect, designer, highly outstanding leader, exemplary efficient and effective manager, is showing characteristics and traits of a Chairman of a Doctoral Dissertation Committee and Top Professor of a Master’s Degree Thesis Board.

In which, hard work, statements, methodologies, data, figures, impact, moving parts, formulas, equations, factors, measurements, multiple changing numbers, nearest estimates, projections, sources and final results, must all be defended, and proven to be correct. Therefore, her new initiatives and high requirements will highly encourage persons submitting suggestions and bills, to raise their accuracy and reliability levels by doing the same. Ivey must sign legislation for it to become law.

Almost 5 months ago Ivey was asked how she would package the Rebuild Alabama Infrastructure Bill. She mentioned with hard work, facts, and truth. She also advised her team that she will make it appealing to the public, and that a beautiful bow will be placed on top of the wrapped gift.

Last week, the items that Ivey placed inside the box were magical. When the gift was opened by staff, legislators and the citizenry there were, a large ray of light, hope and a bright future for all Alabama residents.

Not only did she gain the support of most of Republicans, she gained support from the majority of Democrats.

Due to Ivey’s well thought-out play book, hard work, strategic and tactical planning, preparation and being heavily armed with proven facts and accurate data, she made it look easy with passage of her Rebuild Alabama’s Infrastructure Bill.

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The saying that you can’t fight what you can’t see, you can’t manage what you can’t measure and you can’t argue with correct facts, all applied to the events last week. Again Ivey was awesome.

Since March is Women’s History Month, numerous other heroes were identified during the legislative special session, such as Katie Britt, president and CEO of the Business Council of Alabama (BCA). Britt has hit the ground running by re-branding her agency through visiting and speaking to numerous communities around the state.

Various news articles have appeared in print and online about Britt reaching out to numerous communities to spread her message and to inform the public about the mission of the BCA. Britt was one of the first persons to enter the battle as the leader of her agency, concerning Rebuild Alabama’s Infrastructure Plan.

Everyone is raving about the highly outstanding job that Britt is doing at the BCA. Honesty, integrity and trust and other high praises are constantly used when her name is in a conversation. The BCA is back in the rightful place on top as the state’s most influential and most powerful business voice in the state. Britt made us very proud.

Just a reminder, since Gov. Ivey has everyone’s attention around the state and in Washington, D.C., we can’t miss this window of opportunity and the tentative financial gain for our state. Money is normally provided to Governors who are trusted. Based on Ivey’s favorability and highly outstanding leadership skills, I believe a lot of money will be coming to Alabama. As long as our governor is in the driver’s seat, many great things are going to happen in Alabama. All we simply have to do is follow Ivey. No one else can do it but her.

Glenn Henry is retired from the U.S. Air Force. He has been a high school teacher and university adjunct professor. He has earned numerous Cisco IT certifications. He is a Certified Professional Ethical Hacker. He lives in Montgomery with his wife Teresa.

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