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Jones opposes potential cuts to military projects in Alabama to fund border wall

Sen. Doug Jones, D-Alabama, is fighting against a Trump administration proposal that would implement budget cuts or delay funding for Alabama military projects in order to pay for a wall along the southern border.

This follows the Pentagon sending a 20-page list to Congress of military construction projects that could potentially be delayed or cut to provide funds for the border wall.

The list included multiple Alabama projects, including $5.2 million for Anniston Army Depot to build a weapons maintenance shop, $38 million for a training support facility at Fort Rucker and two Maxwell Air Force Base projects — a $15.5 million Judge Advocate General school expansion and an $18 million air traffic control center.

Jones, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, told Acting Secretary of the Department of Defense Patrick Shanahan in a letter that he will oppose any delay or cut to Alabama military projects to pay for the wall.

“I will be perfectly clear here,” Jones said. “There are no circumstances under which it would be acceptable or appropriate. These projects are critical to the national security and to the state of Alabama, and I will oppose every attempt to delay or otherwise negatively impact them in any way.”




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