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Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition hosts workshop for insights on biodiesel

Mikayla Burns



Phillip Wiedmeyer, left, and Mark Bentley of the Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition welcome workshop participants to a biodiesel workshop at the Bessemer campus of Lawson State Community College. (ACFC photo)

Biodiesel users and industry specialists convened on Thursday in Montgomery to discuss the future of the fuel industry.

The event was sponsored by the Alabama Fuels Coalition with World Energy. It was the second of the week, the first being in Birmingham on Wednesday.

Biodiesel is commonly known as a diesel fuel created using vegetable or animal-fat oil.

Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition Executive Director Mark Bentley said fleet managers at the workshop heard from a variety of experts across the biodiesel industry.

“We had a great conversation with users and potential users of biodiesel,” he said. “The people who know this fuel’s great advantages were able to dispel a lot of myths about biodiesel.”

It took place at the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries Auditorium.

Biodiesel is chosen for fuel by many in school districts, gas station owners, truck drivers and more.


Claude Masters is a former fleet manager for Florida Power and Light and was at the workshop to discuss his experience with biodiesel during his 13 years with the company.


Masters said the economic advantage of biodiesel is that it is easy to get and doesn’t require vehicles to be modified to use it.

“It’s also one of the cheapest and most effective ways to reduce the emissions profile for a fleet,” Masters said. “Biodiesel reduces every one of your harmful emissions.”






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