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Bill aims to protect free speech on state campuses

University of Alabama

Alabama students’ and faculty’s free speech may gain more legal protections to speak out on campus soon.

Representatives in Alabama have proposed a bill aimed at protecting the free speech rights of students and faculty, and at upholding consequences if those rights are violated.

The bill recognized public universities’ work to provide an atmosphere for freedom of expression and speech.

They hope to support the growing help that universities give for free thought. Establishing a free speech zone on all public university and college campuses is included in the bill.

The bill would help write out what is allowed for on-campus free speech and what is not, dictated by the Alabama Legislature.

If passed, the board of trustees for each public institution would have until Jan. 1, 2020, to officially enforce free speech policy that adheres with the bill’s points of action.

Peaceful protesting could be protected for students and faculty by the bill.

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Written By

Mikayla Burns is an intern at the Alabama Political Reporter.



We all want students to be safe, to be free from the terror that has been inflicted upon them all too often. 


For six years, Keister’s argued for the right to preach for his god where he sees fit and for the First Amendment.


This is the best outcome in a democracy that’s committed to free speech.

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