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Doug Jones, Bradley Byrne are fundraising leaders in Senate race

Brandon Moseley



U.S. Senator Doug Jones, D-Alabama, faces re-election in 2020 and already that Senate race is drawing a lot of attention and money.

Monday was the deadline for federal candidates to report their campaign finance reports for the first half of this year to the Federal Elections Commission. The FEC published those reports on their website on Tuesday.

Jones, the incumbent, reported campaign receipts this year of $3,655,901.69, campaign expenditures of $1,527,526.54 and a closing cash balance $4,259,540.86 moving forward into this month.

There is a crowded Republican field eager to challenge Jones next year. Congressman Bradley Byrne, R-Alabama, is giving up his seat in Congress to challenge Jones.

Byrne had received $2,747,431.75, has reported campaign expenditures of $307,526.46 and has reported a closing cash balance of $2,439,905.29.

Former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville reported receipts of $1,421,251.55, expenditures of $78,710.14 and a cash balance of $1,342,541.41.

Secretary of State John H Merrill only got in the race one week before the reporting deadline; but he reported receipts of $217,561.60, expenditures of $399.38, and a cash balance of $217,162.22 going into July.


Businessman and former televangelist Stanley Adair reports receipts of $134,431.08, expenditures of $132,824.34 for a cash balance moving forward of $1,606.74.


Like Merrill, Chief Justice Roy Moore was late getting in the race. Judge Moore reports receipts of $16,963.90, expenditures of $739.85, and a cash balance of $16,224.05.

State Representative Arnold Mooney (R-Indian Springs) got in the race in May. He reported receipts of $298,313.66, expenses of $6,364.72 and a cash balance of $291,948.94.

John Paul Serbin, who has not made a formal campaign announcement yet, but has reported total receipts on the quarter of $450, $0 in expenses, and a $450 cash balance.

The Republican primary will be March 3.

At present, Doug Jones does not have a Democratic primary challenger.

The general election will be November 3, 2019.




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