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Tuberville addresses St. Clair Farmer’s Federation

Saturday, U.S. Senate candidate former Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville addressed the St. Clair County Farmer’s Federation at their annual meeting at Greensport Marina and campground on picturesque Neely Henry Lake.

Tuberville compared running for Senate to college football recruiting.

“This is recruiting on steroids,” Tuberville said.

“Folks we are in trouble,” Tuberville said. The national debt is over $22 trillion. This is, “A debt we might never get out of.”

Tuberville expressed his strong support for President Donald Trump.

“We have got to get him re-elected,” Tuberville said. “There is no alternative.”

“We have got to gain control of the future,” Tuberville continued. “Those clowns on the left, I watch them on TV every night and I say surely they don’t believe this. Yes they do.”

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“We have got to get more manufacturing,” Tuberville said. “We have got to get good jobs.”

Tuberville lamented that many Alabama young people, “Go to college and get these degrees and then can’t a job. Don’t go to college and get $200,000 in debt. Don’t do it. Most never work in the field they majored in.”

“Farming is the lifeblood of this country,” Tuberville told the farmers. “We can’t lose our family farms.”

Tuberville addressed the trade war that has severely impacted many farmers. Tuberville acknowledged that the President’s trade policies are negatively impacting said farmers.

“Some of you are suffering because of it, but it will work,” Tuberville said. “I think at the end of the day, when this works, it will be better for the farmers.

“I am not for tariffs, I am for free trade,” but the president had to do something, Tuberville said.

“We grow twenty-three million bales of cotton, but we only use three million of them,” We need access to foreign markets. “More and more people are eating beef all over the world.”

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Tuberville said that President Trump had to put on the tariffs.

“I am free trade all the way,” Tuberville said, but if we stick with the president, he will get an agreement that will help us import and export.

Tuberville said that the last several presidents did not do anything for the American people.

“He (Donald Trump) is the first one who tried to do something to help you,” Tuberville said. The former football coach said that he wanted to go to Washington to help President Trump implement his agenda, “And be the best Senator this state ever had.”

Donald Ray Watkins is the President of the St. Clair County Farmer’s Federation.

The farmers were told that the Alabama Farmer’s Federation endorsed 163 candidates last year, 161 of those were elected. They also discussed the new ALFA Clanton Farm Center that is replacing Montgomery’s aging Garrett Coliseum and agricultural complex.

The $110 million ALFA Clanton Farm Center is expected to be the premier facility of its kind in the Southeast.

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Senate candidate Secretary of State John Merrill also addressed the farmers at Saturday’s event.

The major party primaries are on March 3.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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