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Opinion | Report from Washington: President Trump is right. The America First agenda works

With so many accomplishments, it is difficult to believe President Trump has been in office for less than three years.

Like many of you across East Alabama, I strongly support the America First agenda. Despite what you may see on the mainstream media, the facts demonstrate President Trump’s achievements.

Take the economy first.  There have been over four million new jobs created since the 2016 election. More Americans are employed now than any other point in history. Women, African-American and Hispanic unemployment rates are at near all-time lows. Manufacturing jobs are coming back and the stock market (our retirement savings) is roaring.

As President Trump untangles the unfair trade policies of the past, our economy will just continue to grow.

The ongoing trade negotiations with China will take time and there will be short-term pain. America cannot continue to allow China to rob us blind, manipulate its currency and dump its cheap products on our markets.

The trade negotiations with China are a prime example of the America First agenda.

President Trump continues to have conservative judges confirmed at a historic rate.

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As of writing, 150 federal judges, including U.S. Supreme Court Justices, have been confirmed so far. For too long liberal judges have been legislating from the bench. This needs to end. Appointing more conservative judges that respect our Constitution is vital.  It’s especially important to folks like me who are pro-life and believe in our Second Amendment rights.

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