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Alabama Democratic Party qualified candidates for 2020 elections




On Friday, Nov. 8, the Alabama Democratic Party closed qualifying for the 2020 elections.

The following is the list provided by the party:

President of the United States:

Michael Bennet

Joseph R. Biden

Michael R. Bloomberg

Cory Booker


Steve Bullock


Pete Buttigieg

Julian Castro

John K. Delaney

Tulsi Gabbard

Kamala Harris

Amy Klobuchar

Bernie Sanders

Joe Sestak

Tom Steyer

Elizabeth Warren

Marianne Williamson

Andrew Yang

United States Senate:

Doug Jones

United States House of Representatives:

First Congressional District:

James Averhart

Kiani A. Gardner

Rick Collins

Second Congressional District:

Phyllis Harvey-Hall

Nathan Mathis

Third Congressional District:

Adia “Dr. Dia” Winfrey

Fourth Congressional District:

Rick Neighbors

Seventh Congressional District:

Terri Sewell

Public Service Commission President:

Laura “lower bills, cleaner air and water” Casey

Robert L. Mardis, III

State Board of Education:

Place 1:

Tom Holmes

Place 3:

Jarralynne Agee

Place 5:

Fred Bell

Tonya Smith Chestnut

Ron Davis

Phillip Ensler

Pamela J. Laffitte

Patrice “Penni” McClammy

Woodie E. Pugh, Jr.

Joanne Shum

Dr. Robert White II

Billie Jean Young

Circuit Court Judge:

Circuit 10, Place 2:

Shanta Owens

Circuit 10, Place 3:

Kechia Davis

Sandy E. Lee

Everett W. Wess

Circuit 10, Place 10:

Monica Agee

Patrick James Ballard

Circuit 10, Place 16;

Linda Hall

Everett Wess

Circuit 15, Place 2:

Madeline Hinson Lewis

Brooke E. Reid

Circuit 15, Place 4:

J.R. Gaines

Circuit 15, Place 7:

Lloria Munnerlyn James

Vicky U. Toles

Circuit 15, Place 9:

Johnny Hardwick

Circuit 26, Place 2:

David Johnson

District Judge, Butler County:

Brandon Eugene Collins

District Judge, Greene County:

Lillie Jones-Osborne

District Judge, Jefferson County Place 1

Martha R. Cook

Gerri Robinson

District Judge, Jefferson County Place 2

Maria Fortune

District Judge, Jefferson County Place 7

Ruby Yvette Davis

Terrika Shaw

Angeline J. Sperling

District Judge, Macon County

Deborah Hill Biggers

District Judge, Mobile County Place 3

Alan “Big Al” Colvin

District Judge, Montgomery County Place 1

Monet McCorvey Gaines

District Judge, Montgomery County Place 1

Angela Starr

District Judge, Morgan County Place 3

Paul R. Holland

District Judge, Sumter County

Steve Boyd

Tammy Jackson Montgomery

District Judge, Walker County

Seth L. Diamond




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