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Alabama Republican Party list of candidates for 2020 elections




On Friday, Nov. 8 the Alabama Republican Party closed qualifying for the 2020 elections.

The following is the list provided by the party pending any ballot challenges;

President of the United States:

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente

Donald J. Trump

Bill Weld

United States Senate:


Stanley Adair


Bradley Byrne

John H. Merrill

Arnold Mooney

Roy Moore

Ruth Page Nelson

Jeff Sessions

Tommy Tuberville

United States House of Representatives:

First Congressional District:

Jerry Carl

John Castorani

Bill Hightower

Wes Lambert

Chris Pringle

Second Congressional District:

Thomas W. Brown, Jr.

Jeff Coleman

Terri Hasdorff

Troy King

Barry Moore

Bob Rogers

Jessica Taylor

Third Congressional District:

Thomas Sick of D.C. Casson

Mike Rogers

Fourth Congressional District:

Robert Aderholt

Fifth Congressional District:

Mo Brooks

Chris Lewis

Sixth Congressional District:

Gary Palmer

Seventh Congressional District:

Alabama Supreme Court:

Place 1:

Greg Shaw

Bryan Taylor

Cam Ward

Place 2:

Brad Mendheim

Alabama Court of Civil Appeals:

Place 1:

William C. “Bill” Thompson

Place 2:

Phillip Bahakel

Matt Fridy

Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals:

Place 1:

Melvin Hasting

Mary Windom

Place 2:

Jill Ganus

Beth Kellum

Will Smith

Public Service Commission President:

Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh

Robin Litaker

State Board of Education:

Place 1:

Jackie Zeigler

Place 3:

Stephanie Bell

Place 5:

Lesa Keith

Place 7:

Belinda Palmer McRae

Circuit Court Judge:

Circuit 6, Place 4:

Daniel F. Pruet

Circuit 7, Place 4:

Peggy P. Miller Lacher

Circuit 10, Place 2:

Circuit 10, Place 3:

Circuit 10, Place 10:

Circuit 13, Place 7:

Jill P. Phillips

Circuit 14, Place 1:

Joeletta Martin Barrentine

Christopher A. Sherer

Circuit 15, Place 4:

Circuit 15, Place 7:

Circuit 15, Place 9:

Circuit 20, Place 5:

Todd Derrick

Circuit 23, Place 2:

Alison Austin

Circuit 23, Place 4:

Claude Hundley

Circuit 26, Place 2:

Circuit 25, Place 1:

Daryl Burt

Circuit 28, Place 5:

Carmen Bosch

Circuit 38, Place 2:

Brent Benson

Daryl Eustace

Patricia Cobb Stewart

District Court Judge:

Baldwin County, Place 1:

Michelle M. Thomason

Butler County:

Tim O. Craig

Nicki Myrick McFerrin

Cherokee County:

Wes Mobley

Cleburne County:

Melody Walker

Coffee County:

Josh Wilson

Dale County, Place 1:

Stan Garner, Jr.

DeKalb County:

Teresa Darwin Phillips

Steve Whitmire

Elmore County, Place 1:

Patrick D. Pinkston

Elmore County, Place 2:

Glenn Goggans

Escambia County:

Eric Coale

Greene County:

Jackson County:

Don Word

Jefferson County, Place 1:

Jefferson County, Place 2:

Jefferson County, Place 7:

Bentley Patrick

Lamar County:

Jacob S. West

Macon County:

Madison County, Place 1:

Patrick M. Tuten

Madison County, Place 4:

Don Rizzardi

Marshall County, Place 2:

Zach Ross

Mobile County, Place 2:

George Michael Zoghby

Mobile County, Place 3:

Edward C. Blount, Jr.
Zack Moore

Montgomery County, Place 1:

Morgan County, Place 1:

Brent Craig

Morgan County, Place 3:

Emily Baggett

Patrick Caver

Takisha Guster Gholston

Kevin R. Kusta

Pickens County:

Lance Bailey

Shelby County, Place 2:

Daniel A. Crowson, Jr.

Alan Miller

St. Clair County, Place 2:

Robert L. Minor

Sumter County:

Talladega County, Place 2:

M. Ryan Rumsey

Tallapoosa County:

Clayton Kim Taylor

Walker County, Place 1:

Henry Allred

Sam Bentley





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