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Yellowhammer Fund praises latest effort to expand Medicaid to more Alabamians


Yellowhammer Fund, an abortion fund and reproductive justice organization headquartered in Alabama, is praising the latest legislative effort to ensure that those without medical insurance can access coverage by finally expanding Medicaid in the state.

“While we are frustrated to see that it took a global pandemic for some Alabama lawmakers to recognize that we have an insurance coverage crisis in the state, Yellowhammer Fund is grateful that we may finally catch up with the rest of the nation and expand Medicaid coverage to include more working class Alabamians,” said Mia Raven, policy director of the Yellowhammer Fund. “This is a bill that should have had bipartisan support years ago, but at least now it will be in place to protect some of the most vulnerable residents of the state from the potentially catastrophic effects of the spread of COVID-19. We thank lawmakers and encourage the passage of these bills as soon as possible. Uninsured Alabamians simply cannot wait any longer.

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