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Barry Moore signs police pledge

Barry Moore

Second Congressional District candidate Barry Moore signed the Police Pledge in front of a group of supporters Monday. Moore said he signed the Police Pledge to reaffirm his strong support for law enforcement.

“Our law enforcement officers do tremendous work on our behalf,” Moore said.

The Police Pledge reads, “A lawful society—free from mob rule and violent insurrection—is not possible without Law Enforcement. Police Officers have chosen a noble profession. They dedicate their lives to upholding the law and protecting the sacred rights of their fellow citizens. As a profession, they deserve support and respect. I stand with America’s Police and pledge to oppose any bill, resolution, or movement to ‘Defund the Police.’”

Heritage Action for America is sponsoring the Police Pledge, and as of Monday, five U.S. senators, 54 U.S. House members, two Governors, 67 state officials, and more than 37,000 citizens have signed the pledge, according to the Heritage Action web site.

“It was easy for me to decide to sign the Police Pledge,” Moore said. “Our law enforcement officers do tremendous work on our behalf, often in dangerous situations where emotions are running high and tempers are flaring. We owe them our full support and our thanks.”

“The last few weeks have shown us just how important our police are to our society, and how much we rely on them in times of crisis,” Moore continued. “The Left has been screaming for months to ‘defund the police’, saying ‘we can defend ourselves’. Then, the minute something happens they scream for the police. Well, by then it’s too late. The hypocrisy of the Left, and the shameless way they try to take both sides of this issue, is mind-blowing.”

Moore claimed that Democrats do not support law enforcement.

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“Our cities are being destroyed, and it’s mainly Democrat-run cities that are suffering the most,” Moore said. “I’m saddened that the citizens of those cities have to bear the brunt of failed liberal policies, and pray every day for them and the police who are trying so hard to protect them despite being hamstrung by their leaders.”

Moore said he has always supported and will always support law enforcement.

“I’m truly looking forward to taking part in the Back the Blue event in Dothan on Saturday, Sept. 12th,” Moore said. “This is a great opportunity for people all across District 2 to come and show our support for our police, and I hope to see a great turnout there.”

Also on Monday, Heritage Action for America announced that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California, signed the pledge.

“Today and every day I am proud to stand with our men and women in blue who uphold their oath to protect our communities,” McCarthy said. “It is human instinct to run away from danger, but our police officers stand ready to answer the call when Americans need them most. They are our essential line of defense protecting civil society from spiraling into mob-led anarchy.”

Heritage Action launched the pledge Aug. 13 at a law enforcement town hall with Vice President Mike Pence, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf and Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst.

“As there are growing calls on the left attempting to “defund” our police departments, here is the commitment I make to them and our country: I will unequivocally oppose any legislative attempt to ‘Defund the Police,’” McCarthy said. “I commend Heritage Action for their unwavering support for America’s law enforcement. I also call on my colleagues to join me in signing this pledge. We need our law enforcement – I believe this and America believes this. May God bless our police officers and help keep them safe.”

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Jessica Anderson, the executive director of Heritage Action, said Americans are grateful to for politicians who stand up for law enforcement by signing the Police Pledge.

“We call on every elected official to join him,” Anderson said of McCarthy. “At a time when our cities are suffering waves of violence and riots, the far Left is abandoning our nation’s law enforcement and with it, our cities. It is time to return safety and security to our neighborhoods, support the police, and put a stop to the lawless anarchy.”

The far left has been protesting what they claim is systematic racism and police brutality. To that end they have held protests across the country, that have often included: rioting, arson, burglary, theft, mayhem, and violence. 30 people have been killed and over a $billion in property has been vandalized, destroyed, or stolen.

Heritage Action and The Heritage Foundation say that they are working to reinforce American values against far-left extremism. Heritage Action has released new polling finding that 79 percent of respondents in battleground states oppose defunding the police.

Barry Moore is a veteran, small businessman, husband, father, Auburn University graduate and served two terms in the Alabama House of Representatives.

Moore is the Republican nominee for Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. He faces Democratic nominee Phyllis Harvey-Hall in the General Election on Nov. 3. He is a small businessman, veteran, husband and father of four from Enterprise.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.

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