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Opinion | The election is over, and Biden won

Donald Trump has lost 58 of 59 court cases alleging fraud in the Nov. 3 election.

Then-President-elect Joe Biden (VIA BIDEN CAMPAIGN)

Now that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has officially congratulated President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, Alabama Republicans in the House and Senate, and at the state level, need to follow.

But we’re not holding our breath. The Trump cult is strong.

President Donald Trump has lost, as of this writing, 58 of 59 court cases alleging fraud in the Nov. 3 election. Problem is, neither his attorneys nor anybody else can come up with any actual proof or evidence that something was amiss.

Why? Because nothing was amiss.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall was part of the grift, joining 17 other Republican attorneys general with Texas, making a fool out of himself and Alabama.

So now, Marshall and the four Alabama U.S. representatives who supported that misguided Texas ploy to overturn votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia should stand down.

Congressmen Mo Brooks, Gary Palmer and Bradley Byrne were parties to the brief filed by Texas before the U.S. Supreme Court. The High Court slapped it down in minutes. Even the three justices appointed by Trump said it was without merit. U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt wanted to be on the brief, but a technical glitch that couldn’t be cured before the Supreme Court kicked the suit out kept him off.

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Of course, that didn’t stop Aderholt from jumping on the bandwagon.

“I support this lawsuit 100 percenet,” Aderholt said. “Our democracy depends on free, fair and accurate elections. That is the bedrock of our democracy.”

Aderholt’s sentiments about “free, fair and accurate elections” is laughable. We had a free, fair and accurate election — one he refuses to acknowledge. Yet, all Aderholt and his Republican cronies showed themselves to be were sore losers.

But more than that, they surely knew the writing was on the wall. They knew Biden and Harris had won. There were more than 81 million votes to underscore that victory. The Electoral College certified this week that Biden and Harris had won by — if you go on Donald Trump’s logic from 2016 — a landslide. Biden captured the exact same Electoral College margin Trump did in 2016 against Hillary Clinton: 306-232.

But in the actual vote, Biden stomped Trump 51.4 percent to 46.9 percent.

Oh, there will be some silly maneuvering when Congress meets in joint session in January to officially count the Electoral College votes. Alabama’s Brooks said he’s going to file a challenge. Brooks, remember, is the guy who thinks rising sea levels aren’t a result of climate change, but, rather, big rocks falling into the ocean. Yeah, him.

The election is over, but Trump refuses to concede because he’s using his made-up voter fraud to raise money from his cult’s supporters. They don’t understand that most of that money goes to pay off Trump’s campaign and other debts, not to fight a legitimate case of voter fraud in court.

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How refreshing it will be to have a real president in office again, to bring back some sanity to our land and to Washington D.C. Biden and Harris are putting together the most diverse Cabinet and top officials ever. Biden may be an old white man, but he’s not bringing just old white men into the Cabinet as Trump did.

Alabama Republicans need to get on board here. The days of the Trump cult are numbered, and if they don’t rein in their Republican Party and set it to a new course, there won’t be much of a party to survive.

And, in the end, neither will they.

Joey Kennedy, a Pulitzer Prize winner, writes a column each week for the Alabama Political Reporter. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.

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