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Baldwin Democrats: Carl, Tuberville should apologize for votes to overturn election

“A failure to issue an apology for their actions is tantamount to approving these seditious acts,” the county chair wrote.

U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Tuberville (VIA TUBERVILlE CAMPAIGN)

The Baldwin County Democratic Party unanimously condemned the “events of insurrection” at the U.S Capitol Wednesday, directing criticism at elected representatives from Alabama who challenged the results of the presidential election in a statement from the party’s executive committee Thursday. 

“Our elected federal representatives took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Instead, they very clearly and deliberately put personal political ambition above the sanctity of our democracy,” writes Jason Fisher, chairman of the Baldwin County Democratic Party and former candidate for U.S Senate in 2017. “There has not been a single case of widespread voter fraud from November’s elections that has been proven and upheld in a court of law. No state has overturned their election results. And not a single Congressional or Senate race saw voting irregularities or has been contested because of voter fraud. Yet, 7 Alabama elected officials voted to object to certification of the presidential election results in the Electoral College after the horrific violence of yesterday took place.” 

Fisher leveled particular criticism at Rep. Jerry Carl, who represents Alabama’s 1st Congressional District, which includes Baldwin County, and Sen. Tommy Tuberville — both of whom were sworn in only two days prior — stating both congressmen have “fallen victim to the politics of division and hate,” and demanded both issue apologies.

“At a minimum, they should issue an apology to the people they serve for the vote they took yesterday and admit to their mistake,” Fisher writes. “A failure to issue an apology for their actions is tantamount to approving these seditious acts. We harbor no distinction between those committing the violence and those who allow it to happen with their votes to sew the seeds of anarchy.” 

The statement from the Baldwin County Democratic Party echoes similar sentiments from Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Chris England.

“Citizens should note who defended the constitution and who did not,” England writes in a statement. “Politicians who would throw away America’s founding ideals do not derisive to hold office — ever. They should be rejected, and should never be party of public life again for their opposition to our shared values.”

John is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can contact him at [email protected] or via Twitter.

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