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Mike Rogers, other Republicans accuse Democrats of not standing with Israel

Republicans urged Democrats to approve $2 billion in emergency defense aid to Israel to replenish their Iron Dome missile defense systems.

Congressman Mike Rogers speaking during a committee hearing. (VIA CONGRESSMAN MIKE ROGERS/TWITTER)

Congressman Mike Rogers, R-Alabama — along with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy of California; Republican Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana, Ranking Member of the Appropriations Committee Rep. Kay Granger of Texas, and Lead Republican of the Foreign Affairs Committee Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas — released a joint statement after Democrats rejected McCarthy’s unanimous consent request to provide funding for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system.

“Earlier this year, Hamas fired more than 4,000 rockets from Gaza into Israel, attacking Israeli citizens and civilian targets. Israel’s lifesaving Iron Dome defense system intercepted most of this deadly barrage, saving countless innocent lives on both sides, but Israel remains in constant danger from terrorists,” Rogers, McCarthy and the other Republican leaders said. “Israel’s government has requested $1 billion from the United States to replenish Iron Dome supplies and equipment. To maintain our enduring commitment to their right to self-defense, protect civilians, and deter future attacks, our bill sought to meet their request. But today, House Democrats refused to even consider it for debate.”

“By blocking funding to resupply the Iron Dome, Democrats made the choice to abandon an opportunity to stand with Israel and its citizens,” they continued. “This comes as a prominent member of their caucus, who has a history of anti-Semitic remarks, refuses to apologize for her comments comparing Israel to Hamas and the Taliban, two terrorist organizations. Israel’s Iron Dome defense system is critical for protecting Israelis from terrorist attacks launched by Hamas and other enemies. House Republicans will continue to stand with Israel and push to resupply the Iron Dome.”

Israel was recently attacked by thousands of rockets fired from Gaza. Israel retaliated with airstrikes and blocked most of the Palestinian rocket attacks with its own Iron Dome missile defense system, parts of it designed and built in Alabama. Israel, however, has depleted much of its own anti-rocket missiles in their defense and are desperate to replenish them before Hamas can build more rockets and resume their attacks.

Rogers is the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee. He is serving in his tenth term representing Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District.

Brandon Moseley is a former reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter.



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