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Business Council of Alabama endorses 36 in state races

The Business Council of Alabama’s political action committee endorsed both incumbents and non-incumbents.

The logo of the Business Council of Alabama.

​​The Business Council of Alabama’s political action committee ProgressPAC on Wednesday announced  the endorsement of  36 additional candidates for the state House and Senate, including both incumbents and non-incumbents 

“ProgressPAC has been a strong voice for identifying, supporting and electing pro-jobs candidates for almost four decades,” Kevin Savoy, ProgressPAC’s chairman said in a statement. “ProgressPAC and BCA are proud to support candidates who demonstrate a commitment to cultivating an environment in Alabama that supports Alabama’s employers and their ability to create and sustain good jobs.” 

Drew Harrell, Executive Director of ProgressPAC, said in a press release that electing pro-jobs legislators has a positive impact across all of Alabama.

“ProgressPAC’s endorsed candidates demonstrate a pro-jobs and pro-business philosophy,” Harrell said. “This philosophy recognizes that a free enterprise system with less regulation and more opportunity creates the prospect for growth among businesses of all sizes and sectors across our state. These candidates are solution-oriented and dedicated to building a stronger future for Alabama.”  

The newly announced legislative candidates receiving ProgressPAC’s endorsements are listed below. 

Alabama Senate

District 11 – Lance Bell (R)

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District 14 – April Weaver (R)

District 20 – Linda Coleman-Madison (D)

District 26 – Kirk Hatcher (D)

District 28 – Billy Beasley (D)

District 31 – Mike Jones (R)

Alabama House of Representatives

District 3 – Kerry Underwood (R)

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District 9 – Scott Stadthagen (R)

District 10 – David Cole (R)

District 17 – Tracy Estes (R)

District 18 – Jamie Kiel (R)

District 20 – James Lomax (R)

District 23 – Mike Kirkland (R)

District 25 – Phillip Rigsby (R)

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District 26 – Brock Colvin (R)

District 29 – Jamie Grant (R)

District  31 – Troy Stubbs (R)

District 34 – David Standridge (R)

District 43 – Arnold Mooney (R)

District 48 – Jim Carns (R)

District 55 – Rod Scott (D)

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District 58 – Rolanda Hollis (D)

District 60 – Juandalynn Givan (D)

District 61 – Ron Bolton (R)

District 62 – Bill Lamb (R)

District 63 – Cynthia Almond (R)

District 64 – Donna Givens (R)

District 67 – Prince Chestnut (D)

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District 72 – Ralph Howard (D)

District 73 – Kenneth Paschal (R)

District 77 – TaShina Morris (D)

District 78 – Kenyatte’ Hassell (D)

District 88 – Jerry Starnes (R)

District 89 – Marcus Paramore (R)

District 95 – Frances Holk-Jones (R)

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District 99 – Sam Jones (D)

Eddie Burkhalter is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can email him at [email protected] or reach him via Twitter.

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