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Opinion | Katie Britt will defend, not defund, our police

Katie will always fight for the heroic law enforcement officers who keep Alabama families, neighborhoods and communities safe.

Republican Senate candidate Katie Boyd Britt campaigns in St. Clair County. (VIA BRITT CAMPAIGN)

I’ve been chief of the Florence Police Department for 10 years this summer. Needless to say, the safety, wellbeing, and support of law enforcement officers is deeply personal for me.

Not only is that why I’m proudly endorsing Christian conservative Katie Britt to serve as Alabama’s next U.S. Senator, but it’s also why I find the false, ridiculous attacks on her by an out-of-state special interest Club so offensive.

I’m honored to serve as co-chair of the Stars and Shields for Katie BrittCoalition, which is an advisory committee of more than 50 sheriffs and police chiefs from across our state. I’m backing Katie because I know firsthand that she is a tireless champion for law enforcement officers, public safety, and all Alabamians.

Let me set the record straight.

In the Senate, Katie will always fight for the heroic law enforcement officers who keep Alabama families, neighborhoods and communities safe. 

These incredible men and women leave the safety of their homes every day so that others can return to and live safely in theirs. Our law enforcement officers’ sacrifice and dedication to serving others is something our country can never take for granted, and Katie knows that we owe them a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. 

Katie is committed to being a proactive partner to our law enforcement officers in combating crime, strengthening communities, and getting deadly drugs off the streets across our state. But you don’t just have to take it from me.

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Shelby County Sheriff John Samaniego was appointed by President Donald Trump’s administration to serve as a Commissioner on the Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice, and Sheriff Samaniego is one of my fellow co-chairs of the Stars and Shields for Katie Britt Coalition.

Here’s what Sheriff Samaniego has to say about Katie: 

“With the Biden liberals trying to defund our police, we need a Senator who’ll have our back, and that’s why I’m supporting Katie Britt. Katie will get tough on violent criminals and fight for stronger borders to keep illegal immigrants and deadly drugs out of Alabama. Take it from me – Katie Britt is a strong conservative who will keep your family safe.”

The fact of the matter is that Katie has never supported and does not support the radical Defund the Police movement; she has never supported and does not support BLM; and she has never posted, said, or done anything to indicate otherwise.

Katie strongly supports our law enforcement officers, and she’ll fight to defend the police in the U.S. Senate. She supports ensuring our law enforcement agencies are better funded so that our officers are the best trained, equipped and resourced in the world. This helps ensure safe, strong communities across Alabama.

I know from personal experience that Katie also is focused on issues directly related to supporting our law enforcement community, such as improving access to quality mental health care, combating the opioid epidemic and flood of drugs into Alabama, and keeping kids in school and off the streets.

Between the national climate and the pandemic, it’s been a tough period of time for our law enforcement. We need more allies, advocates, and partners like Katie Britt, and we need less swamp creatures like the Washington, D.C. Club that’s falsely attacking her.

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Katie Britt backs the blue, and she’ll always have Alabama’s back. We need her to fight for us in the Senate, and I’d encourage you to join me in supporting her on May 24.

Ron Tyler is the Chief of Police in Florence, Alabama. He has served the Florence Police Department for 27 years.

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