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BCA’s ProgressPAC announces more state legislative endorsements

This slate of candidates is ProgressPAC’s third round of state legislative endorsements.

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ProgressPAC, the Business Council of Alabama’s pro-jobs political affiliate, has endorsed 22 additional state legislative candidates for the 2022 election cycle.

This slate of candidates is ProgressPAC’s third round of state legislative endorsements and includes incumbent and non-incumbent candidates from both major parties.

“Supporting candidates who are committed to leading Alabama in the fight for more jobs and a stronger business climate in our state is ProgressPAC’s main priority,” said ProgressPAC 2022 Chairman, Kevin Savoy. “We are proud to endorse a diverse group of candidates who are dedicated to protecting employers, creating opportunity, and moving Alabama forward.”

A full list of candidates who have received ProgressPAC’s endorsement can be found here. The 22 newly endorsed legislative candidates are listed below.

Alabama Senate

District 12 – Keith Kelley (R)

District 19 – Merika Coleman (D)

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District 23 – Rob Stewart (D)

District 27 – Jay Hovey (R)

District 31 – Josh Carnley (R)

Alabama House of Representatives

District 4 – Parker Moore (R)

District 12 – Corey Harbison (R)

District 13 – Matt Woods (R)

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District 15 – Leigh Hulsey (R)

District 29 – Mark Gidley (R)

District 32 – Barbara Boyd (D) 

District 40 – Chad Robertson (R)

District 45 – Susan DuBose (R)

District 47 – Mike Shaw (R)

District 54 – Neil Rafferty (D)

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District 56 – Ontario Tillman (D)

District 57 – Patrick Sellers (D)

District 68 – Thomas Jackson (D)

District 72 – Curtis Travis (D)

District 76 – Penni McClammy (D)

District 92 – Matthew Hammett (R)

District 94 – Jennifer Fidler (R)

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