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Incarcerated man dies at Elmore Correctional Facility

Corey Griffin, a 45-year-old incarcerated man at the facility, was found unresponsive in facility showers on Wednesday.

Elmore Correctional Facility Google Earth

An incarcerated man at Elmore Correctional Facility died on Wednesday, according to a statement from the Alabama Department of Corrections.

Corey Griffin, a 45-year-old incarcerated man at the facility, was found unresponsive in facility showers on Wednesday, according to a spokesperson for the ADOC. Griffin was later transported to the health care unit at a nearby Staton Correctional facility to receive medical attention.

After a medical assessment, Griffin was cleared to return back to Elmore, the ADOC spokesperson said, but he “became unresponsive again.” at some point in the process of being transported back to the facility.

“He was returned to Staton where his condition declined rapidly,” the spokesperson said. “The medical team performed life-saving measures, but they were unable to revive him.”

Griffin was pronounced dead later that day.

As with all deaths in state correctional facilities, the ADOC Law Enforcement Services Division is investigating the cause of Griffin’s death.

Griffin’s death comes the same week as three other incarcerated individuals’ deaths were confirmed by the ADOC, with the three men dying in three separate correctional facilities on the same day: Oct, 3.

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According to the most recent statistics published by the ADOC and previous statements released to APR, the current number of incarcerated individuals that have died in state prisons is over 150 individuals this year.

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Tycia Leon Marshall, a 41-year-old incarcerated man at the Jefferson County facility, was found unresponsive by correctional staff on Wednesday morning.


The deaths occurred between Tuesday and Sunday, with two incarcerated individuals dying on Thanksgiving.


A captain and a former lieutenant were arrested on Monday and charged with four counts each.


The governor asked the attorney general not to seek additional executions for other incarcerated people until after "a top-to-bottom review."