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ADOC confirms death of incarcerated man at Bullock Correctional Facility

Jordan Daniel Johnson, a 25-year-old incarcerated individual at the Bullock County facility, was found unresponsive.


A spokesperson for the Alabama Department of Corrections confirmed on Wednesday the death of an incarcerated individual at Bullock Correctional Facility last week.

Jordan Daniel Johnson, a 25-year-old incarcerated man at the Bullock County facility, was found unresponsive in the facility showers on Oct. 6, according to the spokesperson. Johnson was transported to the healthcare unit, where medical staff attempted life-saving measures but were unsuccessful.

Johnson was pronounced dead later that same day.

The Law Enforcement Services Division of the ADOC is currently investigating the surrounding circumstances behind Johnson’s death.

Three days prior to Johnson’s death, Mark Alan Ford, a 51-year-old also serving at Bullock Correctional Facility, was found unresponsive in his dorm room and later pronounced dead that same day. Ford was one of three other incarcerated individuals who died in ADOC facilities that Monday.

The latest statistics released by the ADOC from July show that five individuals have died at the facility over a year-long period ending in July.

Narcotics are ever present in ADOC facilities, with lethal substances like fentanyl and flakka resulting in overdose deaths among the state’s incarcerated population at a higher rate than at anytime in recent memory.

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The U.S. Department of Justice’s ongoing lawsuit with the state of Alabama and the ADOC argues that correctional staff continues to fail to stop the high levels of dangerous narcotics flowing into state prisons, and as a result, more incarcerated individuals are dying.

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Tycia Leon Marshall, a 41-year-old incarcerated man at the Jefferson County facility, was found unresponsive by correctional staff on Wednesday morning.


The deaths occurred between Tuesday and Sunday, with two incarcerated individuals dying on Thanksgiving.


A captain and a former lieutenant were arrested on Monday and charged with four counts each.


The governor asked the attorney general not to seek additional executions for other incarcerated people until after "a top-to-bottom review."