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Two dead at Bibb, Fountain correctional facilities on Thursday

The ADOC’s Law Enforcement Services Division is investigating the surrounding circumstances of both deaths.

Bibb Correctional Facility Google Earth

A spokesperson for the Alabama Department of Corrections confirmed the death of two incarcerated individuals within the state prison system on Thursday.

In a statement released to APR on Friday, the spokesperson said that the names of the deceased are Earl Crenshaw, a 43-year-old incarcerated man at Bibb Correctional Facility, and Eddie Richmond III, a 20-year-old incarcerated man at Fountain Correctional Facility.

The ADOC’s Law Enforcement Services Division is investigating the surrounding circumstances of both deaths.

On Thursday, Crenshaw approached a corrections officer at the Bibb County facility and told him he was not feeling well, according to the spokesperson. After being escorted to the healthcare unit for an assessment of his symptoms, Crenshaw “became unresponsive.”

“Life-saving measures were attempted with negative results, and he was pronounced deceased by medical staff,” the spokesperson said.

The last time that the ADOC confirmed a death at Bibb Correctional facility was in September, when Lavonte Tyreeke Jefferson, a 23-year-old incarcerated man at the prison, was found unresponsive and later pronounced deceased on Sept. 8.

The latest statistical information released by the ADOC shows that 13 individuals died at Bibb Correctional Facility, including Jefferson, in a year-long period ending this September.

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Also on Thursday, a correctional officer, while conducting his rounds at Fountain Correctional Facility, discovered Eddie Richmond III unresponsive in his bed. Life-saving measures were attempted on Richmond after he was transported to the healthcare unit within the facility, to no avail. He was pronounced dead by medical staff the same day.

Richmond had previously been transported away from the facility for medical reasons on Nov. 25 for treatment of an unspecified ailment, with a spokesperson for the ADOC stating at the time that Richmond was “recovering in an area hospital.” That Friday, Richmond had been discovered unresponsive on his bed at Fountain Correctional facility.

That same week, the ADOC saw the deaths of at least nine other incarcerated individuals, with two incarcerated men dying on Thanksgiving day.

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