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Governor Ivey issues executive order triad

The orders aim to establish and promote more efficiency, accountability and transparency within state government.

Governor Kay Ivey gave remarks at the Economic Development Conference, Governor’s Luncheon at the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel, Tuesday February 1, 2022 in Montgomery, Ala. Governor’s Office/Hal Yeager

Governor Kay Ivey on Tuesday signed Executive Orders 726, 727 and 728 to establish and promote more efficiency, accountability and transparency within state government.

Recommitting to her priority of an open, honest and transparent administration, Governor Ivey shared this message during her Inaugural Address Monday morning:

“In 2017, I promised my administration would be open, honest and transparent. I recommit to you today: We will continue striving to make good on that promise,” said Governor Ivey. “We will make much needed reforms to ensure your state government works more efficiently, is more accountable and works with more transparency. We will tighten up government.”

By signing the trio of executive orders at the beginning of her second term, Governor Ivey has sent a clear message, showcasing her dedication to ensuring state government will better serve the people of Alabama, placing government accountability, efficiency and transparency at the forefront of her administration for the next four years.

Executive Order 726 will promote the faithful execution of the laws within the executive branch of state government by establishing standards for the management and operation of state agencies to further unify executive branch agencies under the leadership of the governor.

Executive Order 727 will establish the Governor’s Study Group on Efficiency in State Government.

The Efficiency Study Group will examine ways to increase recruitment and retention of state employees and the potential elimination and consolidation of state agencies, boards and commissions. A report and recommendations on the group’s findings will be made by December 15, 2023. 

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Members of the Governor’s Study Group on Efficiency will include the following:

  • Alabama State Treasurer Young Boozer (Chair)
  • Senator Clyde Chambliss
  • Senator Linda Coleman Madison
  • Representative Chris Pringle
  • Alabama Department of Revenue Commissioner Vernon Barnett
  • Alabama Department of Finance State Comptroller Kathleen Baxter
  • State Personnel Director Jackie Graham
  • State Budget Officer Doryan Carlton
  • Manufacture Alabama Chief Operating Officer Jon Barganier
  • Alabama Department of Examiners of Public Accounts Chief Examiner Rachel Riddle (Advisory Capacity)

Executive Order 728 will promote efficiency and accountability in the use of state vehicles. Currently, the executive branch owns more than 9,000 vehicles to support a workforce of around 30,000 employees.

In November 2022, a day after the General Election, Governor Ivey signaled her start to state government belt tightening by sending a memo to state agencies in the executive branch asking for an accounting of state vehicles by December 9, 2022.

Key provisions of Executive Order 728 include requiring each agency to establish policies to eliminate unnecessary state vehicles and to better ensure the proper use and assignment of state vehicles for official purposes. Agencies will also be required to report annually to Governor Ivey’s Office concerning their use of agency vehicles and to improve oversight in the issuance of “cover tags,” or undercover license plates designed to facilitate undercover law enforcement operations. Importantly, the order directs ALDOT to eliminate the State Motor Pool by October 1, 2023.

Upon signing the triad of executive orders, Governor Ivey shared this message.

“As we enter the beginning of the next four years, it is imperative we ensure state government is efficient and being held accountable. The principles of accountability, efficiency and transparency will guide us as we work towards making the necessary reforms to better serve all Alabamians. My administration will always work to better serve our people, and by issuing today’s executive orders, we are honoring Alabamians’ expectations that their tax dollars are being safely managed and that state property is used for its official, governmental purposes.”

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