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Opinion | Federal permitting reform provides key benefits for Alabama

Permitting reform is needed now more than ever before.

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Important infrastructure and energy projects in Alabama are currently being delayed, due to being stuck in an overly burdensome federal permitting process that can take several years or even longer to complete. For this reason, I believe that the rising generation of young conservatives are eager to join the call for Congress to pass legislation that addresses federal permitting reform that will cut the ever-infringing red tape, and finally move these projects forward and spur economic growth in our communities.

Permitting reform is needed now more than ever before, especially given the impact that record high inflation and bleak economic uncertainty have had on Alabama families and businesses. As a consequence of the Biden administration’s reckless policies coupled with an outdated federal permitting process, it is nearly impossible to advance critical energy, infrastructure, and natural resource projects. Which in turn is preventing vital economic and quality-of-life benefits from reaching local communities.

Alabamians pay for these misguided and over-reaching policies every time they fill up at the gas pump or visit the grocery store. The time is now for comprehensive federal permitting reform to advance energy and infrastructure projects that will secure our domestic energy supply, renew American energy independence, reduce costs for consumers and businesses, and finally begin to fix the supply chain that the Biden administration has nearly crippled beyond repair.

The overbearing federal permitting process not only prevents critical infrastructure initiatives from being built, but it also increases costs for resources, reduces financial viability, and discourages private sector interest by diminishing any incentive to invest. It is past time to cut through the red tape that ties up key energy and infrastructure improvements, to ensure our country’s future.

Alabama’s entire congressional delegation—including America’s hardest working freshman Senator, Katie Britt—must lead on this issue and help eliminate unnecessary delays in the federal permitting process by passing common sense permitting reform this legislative session. Doing so will help provide regulatory certainty for the states, while ensuring that the economic benefits of key energy and infrastructure projects reach our local communities in a timely manner.

Logan Glass serves as the founder and chairman of the St. Clair County Young Republicans

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