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Opinion | Work Zone Awareness Week: Trucking industry urges motorists to prioritize safety

Motor vehicle crashes in work zones are America’s leading cause of work-related deaths.

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With the arrival of spring comes construction season, and Alabama’s highways are seeing an increase in bright orange signs that indicate road workers are in the area repairing, maintaining, and upgrading critical infrastructure. However, as drivers and workers share the roadways, safety must remain a priority. That’s why Alabama’s trucking industry is taking a proactive approach to remind all motorists that we each play a crucial role in work zone safety.

Today begins National Work Zone Awareness Week, April 17-21, which is an annual crusade to reduce the number of work zone-related fatalities and injuries by raising awareness of and encouraging safe driving by motorists traveling through roadway construction sites.

This initiative is supported by the Alabama Dept. of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Alabama Struck By Alliance, American Traffic Safety Services Association, Alabama Dept. of Public Safety, and my organization, the Alabama Trucking Association.

Motor vehicle crashes in work zones are America’s leading cause of work-related deaths. According to the most recent data available from, in 2020, there were 857 deaths, which included 117 workers, as a result of 774 fatal work zone crashes.

Construction zones and the resulting traffic delays and added time times can be frustrating for drivers, but routine road work is critical for our communities; it ensures our infrastructure is safe for individuals and families who are traveling our local roadways, and for America’s truck drivers who are delivering the goods our communities rely on.   

For those drivers who come across a work zone in the warmer months ahead, orange road signs are an indication to slow down. Senseless motor vehicle deaths in work zones can be prevented by lowering speed, minimizing distractions, and keeping a safe distance between you and other vehicles.

For America’s 3.49 million professional truck drivers, safety always comes first. Truck drivers recognize the responsibility they have while sharing the road with the individuals and families driving alongside them, as well as to their own families back at home. These highly trained professionals understand they are part of the solution to safer roads.

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As the trucking industry delivers essential goods our nation’s families and businesses rely on, safety is what ensures that our nation’s goods are delivered on time so that our communities are well supplied. That is why the trucking industry makes significant investments in safety. At least America’s trucking industry annually invests about $10 billion in workplace and highway safety programs and training. Trucking companies also empower truck drivers with the skills and training they need to operate their vehicles safely.

While sharing the road during these warmer months, we must all remember we each play a role in keeping our roads safe – whether you are behind the wheel of a car or a truck. Driving safely, especially through work zones, is a responsibility we all share.

Please join Alabama’s trucking industry and other state public safety organizations to help keep our roadways safer for all drivers this spring.

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