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Multiple incidents of violence reported in ADOC facilities over weekend

Photos and videos show incarcerated individuals experiencing violence in Alabama’s prison system.

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Note: The images in this story may be disturbing for some readers.

Several incidents over the weekend depict different examples of incarcerated people enduring violence while in Alabama Department of Corrections facilities.

According to sources, Louis Latham Jr. was hit in the head with a weight Friday evening at Staton Correctional Facility. Latham was taken to the infirmary but medical staff did not give him an MRI or CT scan to determine the seriousness of his injuries, sources told APR.

Rhonda Averhart, an emergency room nurse for over 20 years, said it is likely Latham has a small brain bleed on his brain due to having seen similar injuries in her experience. Averhart said she is astounded at the lack of care by ADOC medical staff and nurses.

Louis Latham Jr. was hit in the head with a weight Friday evening at Staton Correctional Facility.

“As a nurse, we take an oath to save people, and they ain’t doing it,” Averhart said.

APR contacted ADOC for a comment on the status of Latham but as of this story’s publication, the department has not responded. Sources close to the situation said that Latham was moved to a hospital yesterday. 

A TikTok video also released on Friday shows an incarcerated individual at Limestone discussing the violence inflicted upon him by correctional officers. The individual said that he was jumped by officers and showed viewers his arm which he said was fractured.

The individual also has a visible contusion on the top of his head. The video also has a caption stating “police are beating [and] mistreating people in prison.”

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“This is what’s going on in Alabama state prisons man, this crazy,” the individual says. “How can you get justice for something else and we ain’t got no justice in here? People lives in danger man.”

The incarcerated individual then goes on to criticize the current lack of individuals being granted parole in Alabama. APR previously interviewed former Parole chair Lyn Head about this issue and just last week on Aug. 16, the Board of Pardons and Parole denied parole to every one out of 21 hearings.

“I’m supposed to be getting ready to leave next year, and they done took all my good time for nothing,” the individual said. “1,080 days worth of good time for nothing.” The individual also shared his mother’s phone number because ADOC is refusing to share information with her about his status.

There were also reportedly several stabbings at Staton Monday morning, sources told APR. APR also asked ADOC to comment on the stabbings but ADOC again has not responded yet

Patrick Darrington is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can reach him at [email protected].

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