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Another week, more incidents in Alabama prisons

Several incidents occurred last week throughout multiple Alabama Department of Corrections facilities.

Staton Correctional Facility and Draper Correctional Facility near Elmore, Alabama. GOOGLE EARTH

Several incidents occurred last week throughout multiple Alabama Department of Corrections facilities.

On Monday, Charles Harris, an incarcerated person at Ventress Correctional Facility, died from a suspected drug overdose sources told APR. Harris was supposed to go home on Oct. 6, just 11 days after his passing. 

On Wednesday, a correctional officer was arrested by the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office for attempting to bring drugs into Staton Correctional Facility. The officer, Laneitria Hansberry, was charged with promoting prison contraband (drugs).  Hansberry bonded out for an estimate unknown to APR as she is no longer on the office’s current inmate list.

On Saturday, APR was told by a source that an incarcerated individual named Timothy Walden died from a suspected drug overdose at Staton Correctional Center. APR was also sent a video of Walden, a white man, still sitting on the toilet but hunched over and appeared to be unconscious. Out of respect for any family that Walden may have, APR is not including the video at this moment.

APR was also told that it took over 30 minutes for a correctional officer to respond to Walden because there was only one on duty at that time and was out doing a fence check. There are over 400 incarcerated people at Staton. 

Sources also told APR of multiple stabbings that occurred throughout the past week. On Thursday, there was a stabbing of a 36-year-old incarcerated individual at the Easterling prison. A rescue and survival flight responded to that incident. On Friday, a man was stabbed at Donaldson Correctional Facility and was flown out of the facility as well. A source said that the individual was “gutted.”

Patrick Darrington is a reporter at the Alabama Political Reporter. You can reach him at [email protected].

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