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Jerry Carl files for re-election in Alabama’s 1st Congressional District

Jerry Carl’s bid for re-election promises to be a closely watched race.

Congressman Jerry Carl VIA CSPAN

On Monday, conservative Republican Jerry Carl announced his bid for reelection to continue representing Alabama’s First Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. The Republican primary for this hotly contested seat is scheduled for March 5, 2024.

In a statement, Congressman Carl expressed his dedication to his constituents and his commitment to conservative values. “Today, I’m proud to announce I am filing for reelection to continue representing the people of Alabama’s First Congressional District in Congress,” Carl stated.

He emphasized the pressing issues facing the nation, such as border security, rising crime rates, and concerns about the direction of the country under President Joe Biden. Carl positioned himself as a staunch conservative who will stand firm against perceived overreach by the Biden administration and defend constitutional rights.

Carl highlighted his previous accomplishments, including efforts to secure the border, reduce government spending, and resist encroachments on constitutional liberties. He stressed the urgency of the challenges facing the country, stating, “the stakes are simply too high for us to let our foot off the gas and give up on the fight to save this country.”

Serving Alabama’s First Congressional District since January 3, 2021, has been “the honor of a lifetime” for Jerry Carl. He expressed enthusiasm for representing new counties in the Wiregrass region and cited strong support from communities across the district.

Carl’s reelection bid has already gained significant momentum, with endorsements from nearly 30 state lawmakers and local leaders in Alabama’s First Congressional District. Additionally, his campaign reported a fundraising total of $257,474 during the third quarter of 2023.

Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Jerry Carl is a businessman with a history of entrepreneurship in home health care equipment, specialty pharmacies, timber management, and real estate development. Prior to his political career, he served two terms on the Mobile County Commission.

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Jerry Carl and his wife Tina, both natives of Mobile, have two children and two grandchildren. His journey into politics was sparked by his son’s return from Afghanistan, motivating him to become more involved in his community.

Congressman Jerry Carl positions himself as a defender of conservative principles, pledging to continue advocating for job creation, lower taxes, and family values. He remains committed to limiting government size and scope by cutting wasteful spending and reducing regulatory burdens.

As the 2024 primary approaches, Jerry Carl’s bid for reelection promises to be a closely watched race in Alabama’s First Congressional District.

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