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Study: Auburn University provides $6.3 billion economic boost to Alabama

This tremendous figure encompasses the creation of over 30,000 job opportunities, aside from the university’s direct hires.

Samford Hall at Auburn University on a sunny day. STOCK

A freshly released study highlights that Auburn University, along with its distinguished alumni, injects a whopping $6.3 billion into Alabama’s economy. This tremendous figure encompasses the creation of over 30,000 job opportunities, aside from the university’s direct hires.

Proudly announcing this economic milestone, Auburn President Christopher B. Roberts remarked, “Auburn diligently serves Alabama, acting as a pivotal economic dynamo. Through forging invaluable partnerships, pioneering groundbreaking research, and molding accomplished alumni, we reiterate our unwavering commitment to the state.”

The Auburn University Economic Impact Study, which shows a growth of 12 percent from a study two years prior, breaks down this impact: $2.53 billion from direct and indirect economic influences, complemented by a hefty $3.81 billion stemming from the earnings of its alumni residing within the state. All in all, Auburn is credited with birthing 30,296 job roles beyond its direct employment. This study, under Auburn’s Division of University Outreach, has been in regular circulation since 1996.

Remarkably, Auburn remained a beacon of economic support to Alabama even amidst the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2023 edition of the study reflects, “While the pandemic imposed several restrictions on Auburn’s multifaceted operations, the institution’s agility and robust structure cushioned some of the blow, still registering an uptick in economic contributions during those tumultuous times.”

Enumerating Auburn’s strengths, the study emphasizes its rich academic, research, and outreach reserves, its dynamic faculty and students, and its extensive extension facilities throughout Alabama. This comprehensive data encompasses details from the Auburn main campus, Auburn University at Montgomery, the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System with a presence in every county.

The study also underscores the 170-acre Auburn Research Park as a hotbed for innovation, partnership, and business endeavors. The Huntsville Research Center’s Auburn Research and Innovation Campus is lauded for championing collaborations within Alabama’s aerospace and defense realms. The Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, an essential hub for research aiding Alabama’s agro-forestry sectors, also gains special mention.

Royrickers Cook, Vice President for University Outreach and Associate Provost, reflected, “Auburn University’s monumental economic imprint across Alabama not only underscores our financial contribution but also resonates with the enrichment we bring to Alabamians’ lives through our trinity of education, research, and outreach.”

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Auburn University is a nationally revered as a land-grant institution, Auburn University stands as a beacon for top-tier interdisciplinary research, boasting the prestigious Carnegie R1 classification. With over 30,000 enrolled students, Auburn consistently excels in fostering scholarship, technological innovation, and impactful outreach, making a discernible difference in addressing regional and global challenges. Their unwavering focus on student participation, professional achievements, and fostering public/private alliances underlines their esteemed reputation.

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