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Opinion | Permitting reform needed to unlock energy investments

In order to maximize investments in our energy future, our legislators in Congress must also work to pass bipartisan permitting reform.

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Investments in Alabama’s infrastructure and energy future are vital in supporting a robust economy that creates jobs for our workers while strengthening local businesses and improving the quality of life in communities across the state. In order to achieve this vision, we must continue to embrace and advance an all-of-the-above energy strategy that lowers costs for consumers, improves reliability, and secures a more independent energy future.

Republicans from Montgomery to Washington, D.C., are working hard to pass reforms that will increase our energy capabilities while supporting stronger local economies here in Alabama and across the country. The Republican-led House of Representatives, for example, has put forward HR1, the Lower Energy Costs Act—a commonsense piece of legislation that would prioritize investments in energy innovation, unlock our domestic energy resources, and help reduce energy bills for families nationwide.

In order to maximize investments in our energy future, our legislators in Congress must also work to pass bipartisan permitting reform at the national level. Fortunately, cutting through the government red tape that bogs down and delays the permitting and approvals processes is another area in which Republican leaders have long history of support and advocacy. 

Now, there appears to be a clear, bipartisan appetite for federal permitting reform in order to advance a range of infrastructure and energy projects that would create jobs, strengthen communities, and secure a cleaner, more sustainable energy future for Alabamians and all Americans. Leaders like Senator Katie Boyd Britt should use this opportunity to continue pushing for critical permitting reform that will help accelerate vital energy and infrastructure projects here in Alabama and throughout the nation.

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