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Ainsworth, Military Stability Foundation announce Military Bills Package

The package includes 13 bills aimed to cement Alabama’s status as the most military-friendly state in the nation.

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Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth and the Alabama Military Stability Foundation officially announced on Sunday the state’s 2024 Military Bills Package. The package includes 13 bills aimed to cement Alabama’s status as the most military-friendly state in the nation as well as promote the stability and growth of Alabama military installations and assigned Department of Defense (DoD) missions. Developed in concert between the Alabama Military Stability Commission, Alabama Military Stability Foundation, Alabama State Legislature, and military and veteran stakeholders across Alabama, the package includes the following bills:

  1. Exempts Overseas and Mobilization Military Pay from State Income Tax
    • SB209: Sen. Andrew Jones / HB283: Rep. Kenneth Paschal
  2. Authorizes the Establishment of a Statewide, Integrated Veterans Health System
    • HB197: Rep. Chip Brown / SB135: Sen. Andrew Jones
  3. Provides Flexible Athletics Enrollment for Incoming Alabama Military Dependents
    • HB251: Rep. Chad Robertson / SB206: Sen. Andrew Jones
  4. Provides Flexible Enrollment for Military Dependents with Special Needs
    • HB292: Rep. Patrice McClammy / SB211: Sen. Donnie Chesteen
  5. Expands Education Benefits for Military Dependents to Cover Medical Studies
    • SB169: Sen. Keith Kelley
  6. Modernization of Alabama Department of Veteran Affairs Statute
    • HB103: Rep. Kenneth Paschal
  7. Amends the Alabama GI & Dependents Educational Benefit Act to Conform with Federal Requirements
    • HB284: Rep. Jerry Starnes
  8. Codifies Anti-Discrimination Protections for Military Members and Families
    • HB242: Rep. Ben Harrison
  9. Establishes Concurrent Jurisdiction for Juvenile Offenses Committed on Department of Defense Installations
    • HB260: Rep. Kenyatte Hassell / SB210: Sen. Roger Smitherman
  10. Reduces Burdens on Military Spouses Employed in Licensed Professions by Joining Several Interstate Licensing Compacts, Including:
    • Dieticians Interstate Compact (SB207: Sen. Kirk Thatcher)
    • Dentists / Dental Hygienists Interstate Compact (SB205: Sen. Wes Kitchens)
    • Social Work Examiners Interstate Compact (SB208: Sen. Keith Kelley)
    • Massage Therapists Interstate Compact (HB300: Rep. Parker Moore)

“As lieutenant governor, my goal is to ensure that Alabama remains the nation’s most welcoming and friendly state for military service members, their families, and the veterans who served our country, and this package goes far toward achieving that mission,” Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth said. “At the same time, I am confident that our efforts will result in both protecting the military assets already located across the state and convincing the Department of Defense to add to its already impressive footprint in Alabama.”

“The Alabama Military Stability Foundation is proud to work with the Lt. Governor and the State Legislature on the 2024 Military Bills Package,” said Jake Proctor, Executive Director of the Foundation. “Beyond the immediate, positive impact these bills will have on servicemembers, veterans, and their families, the package also improves the state’s posture for the recruitment and retention of military installations and mission in the state. On behalf of the Foundation board, I would like to thank Chairman Andrew Jones, Chairman Ed Oliver, and all the bill sponsors for their leadership, commitment, and dedication to Alabama’s military communities.”

Military Appreciation Day: Additionally, the Lt. Governor, Foundation, and Legislature announce that Military Appreciation Day will be held at the State House on April 2, 2024. Military Appreciation Day is held annually and recognizes the service and sacrifice of Alabamians who have or are currently serving in the US military. On April 2, the Alabama Legislature will hold a ceremony during a Joint Session of the House and Senate to honor servicemembers and veterans and hear updates from senior military officials in the state.

About the Alabama Military Stability Commission and Foundation: Created in 2011, the Military Stability Commission and Foundation work in conjunction to proactively ensure the stability of Department of Defense resources, installations, and missions assigned to Alabama.

The Alabama Military Stability Commission is led by Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth, who serves as its Chair.  The Commission consists of the Speaker of the House and Senate President Pro Tempore, who serve as its Vice Chairs; two members of the Alabama State Senate; two members of the Alabama State House; the Adjutant General of the National Guard; the Director of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs; the Director of Homeland Security; the Secretary of Commerce; and ten appointees from areas of heavy defense concentration in the State.

The operational arm of the Military Stability Commission, the Military Stability Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation established in September 2011. The Foundation is led by a six member Board of Directors representing areas of heavy defense concentration, including:

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  • Lt. Colonel Ron Boyd, USA (Ret.), Board Chairman, Birmingham Region (Sumpter Smith Joint National Guard Base)
  • Mr. Mike Ward, Redstone Region (Redstone Arsenal)
  • Dr. Mark Hearn, Anniston Region (Anniston Army Depot)
  • Brig. General Paul Hankins, USAF (Ret.), Maxwell Region (Maxwell AFB/Dannelly Field)
  • Ms. Leslie Sanders, Maxwell Region (Maxwell AFB/Dannelly Field)
  • Mr. John Mitchell, Wiregrass Region (Fort Novosel)

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