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Speaker Ledbetter appoints Rep. Wilcox to Energy Council Exec Committee

Speaker Ledbetter appoints Rep. Margie Wilcox to the Energy Council Executive Committee, recognizing her impactful role in Alabama’s energy sector.

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House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter has appointed Rep. Margie Wilcox, R-Mobile, to the Energy Council’s Executive Committee.

The Energy Council is a non-partisan legislative organization comprised of 15 energy-producing states in the United States and two Canadian provinces. Formed in 1975, the Council serves as a forum for energy and related environmental policy dialogue.

Rep. Wilcox’s strong record representing coastal Alabama, an energy powerhouse, was a key contributor to Speaker Ledbetter’s decision to appoint her to the Executive Committee.

“As the landscape surrounding energy-related issues in our state and nation continues to evolve, the importance of the Energy Council’s multi-state collaboration becomes more apparent,” said House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter. “Alabama is a significant contributor to U.S. energy, and it’s vital our state maintains a strong presence on the Council. Having spent the last decade representing an energy powerhouse in coastal Alabama, Rep. Wilcox brings a vast knowledge that will benefit the Council greatly. I have no doubt that she will help ensure our state continues to play a role in shaping energy policy, and I’m proud to appoint her to this important position.”   

Rep. Wilcox joins Rep. Phillip Pettus, State Sen. Gerald Allen and State Sen. Andrew Jones on the Executive Committee.

“This is a great privilege and responsibility, and I’m honored Speaker Ledbetter saw me fit to serve in such an important capacity, said Rep. Wilcox. “I look forward to doing all I can to positively represent Alabama on the Council and advocate for commonsense energy policy.” 

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