Changing times require a commitment to Alabamians

December 14, 2017

By Dr. Jim Purcell

It wasn’t so long ago that a young person in Alabama could stake their claim as a middle-class citizen based upon a strong back, perseverance and the intensity of their work ethic. However, technology, automation and complex machinery have eliminated many of the jobs that required repetitious activity and pure human muscle.

Overall, this change in the nature of the workplace has yielded many positive things, such as less workplace injuries, greater quality products, and lower prices for consumers. Consequently, it does force us, as a society, to rethink how we educate our youth and how we retrain our existing workforce for the modern economy. The workplace for our children will be vastly different than previous generations.

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Democrat Doug Jones’ win is one for the history books

December 13, 2017

By Chip Brownlee
Alabama Political Reporter

Alabama politics did the only thing Alabama politics knows how to do: take the unexpected and make it into a reality, with Democratic candidate Doug Jones pulling off a historic upset. The election places a Democratic Senator from the Yellowhammer State in Congress for the first time in a quarter-century.

The newly elected senator and his campaign, built on an unlikely alliance of crossover Republicans, women, black voters and millennials, delivered a shockingly solid defeat to Republican candidate former Chief Justice Roy Moore, who, just a few months ago, was thought to be a shoe-in.

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Independence Day, 241 years ago

July 4, 2017

By Jim Zeigler,Alabama State Auditor, and Pat Boone, Entertainer

Many of us Alabamians are enjoying a long Independence Day holiday. For State employees and others who are off work Monday, it is a four-day weekend.

My family, like many of yours, will enjoy barbecue, the lake (or beach), fireworks, and the gathering of family and friends.

241 years ago at the first Independence Day (though it was not called that), it was a different scene altogether.
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Rough Tuesday: Bentley’s impeachment, red lights and Internet history

March 29, 2017

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

I don’t even know what we’re trying to do in government anymore.

I’m serious. I don’t know what any level of government is trying to accomplish, or if all of the levels might be actively working to accomplish nothing.

Perfect example: Tuesday.

Here are the things that occurred on Tuesday: The US House of Representatives voted to make it o.k. for Internet providers to sell your internet history. I don’t recall any of us asking for that.
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It’s time conservatives learned to help themselves

March 28, 2017

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

Alabamians are tough, self-sufficient people.

The conservative people of this conservative State don’t like handouts or Welfare. They don’t like people who can’t learn from their mistakes, take responsibility for their actions and pay their own way.

Which makes me wonder … why do I and progressives like me have to keep bailing y’all out?

I’m serious. It’s getting old having to drag you folks out of one mess after another, constantly having to apologize for your backwards ways and ignorant ideas.
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Individuals and small businesses need some help

February 27, 2017

By State Rep. Tim Wadsworth

Individuals and small businesses are suffering from a continual increase in taxes, fees, dues, payments, charges, levies, tolls, licenses, tariffs, regulations and anything else that requires money to come out of your pocket. The drain of the pocket book on the Alabamians has got to be reversed. What comes from the Alabama Capitol Building and State House are outflows of monies. It is time to reverse that trend by passing HB303 (Reducing State Sales Tax) and HB302 (Reducing Corporate Income Taxes).
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An optimist’s guide to reform for the Alabama Legislature

January 19, 2017

By Marshall Yates
Alabama Political Reporter

Optimism for the political process has swept across Alabama as our State prepares to make a big contribution toward Making America Great, Again.™ Back in Montgomery, the 2017 Legislative Session is about to begin. But, before the 2018 election cycle can officially begin, this session presents aspiring politicians with a unique opportunity to enact big-time reforms. By either blocking new “revenue enhancements” or standing for conservative principals, this presents legislators the opportunity to convince voters that they are ready for primetime. In keeping with that theme, here are a few big time policy recommendations to Make Alabama Greater. Read More

Ain’t Alabama politics fun?

December 21, 2016


By Steve Flowers

Historically speaking, Alabamians have been more interested in the governor’s race than presidential politics.

For years, from 1876 to 1964, we were a totally Democratic state, more so out of tradition than philosophically. The hatred for the radical Republican Reconstruction shackles invoked on the South made an indelible mark on white southern voters. It was so instilled, that there are a good many stories told throughout the South where a dying grandfather would gather his children and grandchildren around his deathbed and gaspingly admonish them, “Two things I’m gonna tell y’all before I die – don’t ever sell the family farm and don’t ever vote for a damn Republican.”
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An apology for it all

November 17, 2016

By Josh Moon
Alabama Political Reporter

I’m sorry.

That’s what I’m supposed to say here, it seems. A bunch of other media outlets and columnists have apologized after last Tuesday’s election results, after they were so wrong and after they so misjudged the country and its anger.

I guess I should offer an apology too.

So, I’m sorry … I’m sorry that so many people in America are so easily fooled.

I’m sorry that facts no longer matter.
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Court Justices or Court Jesters?: The Mishandling of the Moore Case

October 28, 2016

By Hannah Ford

You know it’s bad when one of Chief Justice Roy Moore’s harshest critics (apologetically) writes in his defense.

You know it’s bad when Justices refuse to unseal a critical case.

You know it’s bad when the unethical behavior of acting Chief Justice Lyn Stuart and her accomplices have Alabamians worried that they may not receive a fair trial in the State’s highest court.

On Thursday, Governor Robert Bentley and acting Chief Justice Lyn Stuart came together to oversee the drawing of seven retired judges who will hear the appeal of suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore (because everyone knows Bentley and Stuart are totally trustworthy!). Before the eyes of the public and the media, fifty names were drawn at “random” and then the seven who will sit on the Special Court were drawn at random.
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