An open letter to Alabama’s Christian Community: “You are being played”

November 28, 2017

By Tom Ertl

Dear Alabama Christians,

In my 50 years of following national political races I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one as strange as the current U.S. Senate race in your state.

First, we had the national Republican Party in the September Senate run-off working against the state’s more popular candidate Judge Roy Moore in favor of their establishment candidate, and former D.C. lobbyist, Luther Strange. The D.C. Republicans flooded Strange with money only to see him lose by a significant 9-point margin.

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Landslide Luther?

June 28, 2017

by Steve Flowers

In Alabama politics many times appointments to political offices filled by an acting governor have an adverse effect on that appointee if and when they seek election to that office for a full term. Every time George Wallace appointed someone to a political post, even in the prime of his popularity and power, they invariably lost in the next election.

Well folks, ole Dr. Bentley ain’t George Wallace and his appointment of Luther Strange to the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions may come back to haunt Big Luther. His appointment is even more problematic due to the appearance of collusion surrounding the appointment. The taint of the Bentley appointment hovers over Big Luther’s tall head in Washington.
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Ain’t Alabama politics fun?

December 21, 2016


By Steve Flowers

Historically speaking, Alabamians have been more interested in the governor’s race than presidential politics.

For years, from 1876 to 1964, we were a totally Democratic state, more so out of tradition than philosophically. The hatred for the radical Republican Reconstruction shackles invoked on the South made an indelible mark on white southern voters. It was so instilled, that there are a good many stories told throughout the South where a dying grandfather would gather his children and grandchildren around his deathbed and gaspingly admonish them, “Two things I’m gonna tell y’all before I die – don’t ever sell the family farm and don’t ever vote for a damn Republican.”
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