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Correction: Bill Britt: Under the Montgomery Sun, (scene one)

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

Correction: After several emails pointing out some errors in this editorial. We have made corrections. Hopefully, those critics will realize that the ‘Alabama Political Reporter’ was the organization that broke the story on the controversial parts of SB12 and printed Senator Coleman’s statements. We thank those who have emailed and always appreciate constructive criticism.

This week, Uncle Miltie was a winner, Gilley was Alabama’s biggest loser. Sen. Singleton and some cohorts shut down the State Senate for a few days. Pro-choice, GOP women and other women some from Scofield’s district descended on the Statehouse seeking the head of Senator Clay Scofield. One woman carrying a sign saying, “If I wanted the government in my vagina I would sleep with a Senator.” All while a crowd of HIV patients and supporter, as well as a group representing those with disabilities took to the Statehouse plaza to bring attention to their causes. Meanwhile, Presidential hopefuls Newt and Santorum foraged the state for delegates.

There were moments when I thought apparitions of Alfred Hitchcock, Rod Serling, David Lynch and Federico Fellini hovered just out of sight.

It was a week that to the casual observer would surely appear to be a blend of fantasy and baroque images set in a tale of Southern Gothic.

Imagine, twelve jurors–stupid or corrupt–let felonious mobsters go free, an overly-animated Senator shouts down his peers in the halls of government, angry woman come for the scalp of a hapless farmer-legislator all serve as a backdrop for Presidential politics. I think Alabama is ready for the movie industry.

This is to say little concerning the dismissal of two-year college head Dr. Hill or the state employees’ pension compromise. All which should be placed as a subplot called bury the truth, through the debt bomb way down the road.

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But this was a great week because free speech, the right to assemble and representative government was on full display with all its noble attributes and stunning contradictions.

Yes, this week could have been written by Harper Lee, with a little Alfred Hitchcock, Rod Serling, David Lynch and Federico Fellini thrown in for good measure.

I do love it and am ready for scene two, I hope you are.

God bless the sovereign state of Alabama and all who call it home wherever you are.

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Bill Britt is editor-in-chief at the Alabama Political Reporter and host of The Voice of Alabama Politics. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.


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