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GOP Chairman Reacts to July Jobs Numbers

Says It’s Time for New Leadership in Washington

By Bill Armistead

Birmingham, Ala. – Bill Armistead, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, released the following statement regarding the July jobs numbers:

“Once again, our country faces disappointing jobs numbers. Despite predictions from President Obama’s advisers that unemployment would be below 5.6%, the nation’s unemployment rate has been above eight percent  for 42 consecutive months. President Obama has stated that the private sector is doing fine and that the plan he employed worked. The truth is that President Obama has no answers and no plan.

“Governor Mitt Romney has launched his “Plan for a Stronger Middle Class”, in which he describes how he intends to oversee the creation of 12 million new jobs by the end of his first term. Our Republican Governor and legislators here in Alabama will continue to right-size government and create an economic environment that promotes job growth, but as long as we have a President in the White House who thwarts our efforts through increased government regulation, higher government spending and tax hikes, our work will be in vain.

“It’s time for this economic nightmare to end. America deserves better. Alabama deserves better. We need a new direction and some real leadership in Washington, D.C.  Governor Romney’s plan to cut the deficit, empower small businesses and ensure energy independence is what it will take to build the middle class and  get our economy growing again.”

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Wardynski is running for the Republican nomination in Alabama’s 5th Congressional District to replace Mo Brooks.


Bill Armistead and Stan McDonald will co-chair Mo Brooks' Senate campaign.


The Chamber is supporting a $908 billion bipartisan stimulus proposal.


Sachs was diagnosed with double pneumonia and admitted to Crestwood Hospital in Huntsville in October. He was placed on a ventilator over the weekend.