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Senate Republican Leader Sen. Jabo Waggoner on Passage of Constitutional Amendment

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From the Office of Senate Majority Leader Senator Jabo Waggoner

Vestavia Hills – Alabama Senate Majority Leader and Chairman of Senate Rules Committee, Senator Jabo Waggoner released a statement on passage of the Constitutional Amendment to transfer funds from the Alabama Trust Fund to the state’s General Fund:

“By passing this Amendment, Alabama voters have given us a vote of confidence in our ongoing efforts to reform state government, to consolidate programs and continue the hard work of cost-cutting.  The Amendment will give the General Fund time while we continue our focused and resolute efforts to bring government spending under control and restructure government programs for better outcomes and effectiveness.  I also want to thank those citizens who earnestly opposed the Amendment and constructively shared with me many thoughtful recommendations.  Republican Senators will be reviewing all these policy ideas in our ongoing efforts to implement an efficient, cost effective and more transparent state government. On behalf of the Senate Republicans, I want to thank the people of Alabama for their resounding affirmation of our ongoing work.”

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"Forestry and forest products are an integral part of Alabama's thriving economy,” Waggoner said.


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