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State Rep. Party Chairman Bill Armistead Weighs in on CA ‘Yes’ Vote

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Bill Armistead, Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, released the following statement regarding the passage of Amendment One:

“The voters of Alabama made their wishes clear tonight by voting to pass Amendment One, allowing our state government to transfer $437 million over the next three years from the Alabama Trust Fund to the General Fund in order to cover revenue shortfalls. Governor Bentley and our Republican legislators have promised that these funds will be paid back and legislation has already been drafted to be introduced in the next session of the Legislature.  I am also confident that they will continue to right-size our state government, so that necessary services can continue to be met in the most cost effective way possible. Under the continued Republican leadership, we must make sure that we never find ourselves in a similar situation again. Republicans were sent to Montgomery to bring spending under control. I applaud them in their efforts to do so far, and encourage them to continue to remain faithful to the mandate set before them.”

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