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Quin Hillyer Speaks About Amendment 4

By Quin Hillyer

Amendment Four on the ballot would take old, racist language out of the state Constitution. It should be a slam dunk to pass this amendment. But the Alabama Education Association opposes it not because of what it does, but because of something unrelated that it fails to do.

Forgive the editorializing, but this makes no sense.

Consider this analogy. If you have a hideous wart on the end of your nose, plus tendinitis in your shoulder, and you go to a dermatologist asking him to fix both…. And the dermatologist says he can take off the wart with a new method where you won’t even feel a thing, but of course he can’t help your shoulder, because he’s not that kind of doctor.

Would you refuse to let him remove the wart you want removed, just because he won’t also fix your shoulder?

Of course not.

But that’s what the AEA is suggesting: Don’t remove the hideous, racist language unless you also remove a mostly unrelated provision in the Constitution.

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It makes no sense. Alabamians who want to rid our state of its racist image should vote yes on Amendment Four.

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