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Afraid of Diamond Mike?

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter

Like many in our state I applauded the takeover of the Alabama State House by Republicans. I had believed that they would bring a more conservative era of government to our state. The Republican’s promised an end of special interest control. They promised that they would usher in an era of transparency and accountability.

This has for the most part not been the case.

Today, there is an almost complete takeover of the government apparatus by corporations. Self-enrichment, kickbacks and money-for-influence is the order of the day. The man behind the so-called “Storming of the StateHouse” has become the leader of a gang of thugs who are bent on total control and a looting of the government of Alabama.

Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard has served as the Impresario over an orgy of greed and corruption. His avarice goes beyond what could have been conceivable under the Democrats. So rampant is his lust for money and power that a golden calf could be erected at the entrance to the fifth floor of the State House without a single wink of irony. Pay-for-play, corporate welfare and bowing to the almighty dollars is the law of the land under Diamond Mike.

He and his cronies, tell companies which lobbyist they must hire and how much must be paid to get a bill passed.  Heaven forbid a business give to a democrat or advertise with the “Alabama Political Reporter,” it will be cut off.

Diamond Mike and the Republican corporatists have been a boom for the GOP elite, their cronies and the lobbyist who serve big business.

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Meanwhile, crumbs are handed out to social conservatives as a token for their continued obedience.  The same is true for those who long for strict constitutionalism. Of course none of their issue have been even remotely addressed until this last real session before election season.

Hubbard and his minions pretend to be a social conservative when they need the votes but in word and deed, Hubbard and his boys are just opportunist.

From pro-life measures to second amendment rights, Diamond Mike has bobbed, weaved and danced like Mohammed Ali.

The first piece of real pro-life legislation has just recently passed the Alabama Legislature. Before last week Don Siegelman was the last governor of Alabama to sign a real pro-life bill. I have heard the lies that it was the democrats who stood in the way of pro-life legislation. But those who know the truth know that is was people like Mike Hubbard and Bob Riley who kept Christian Conservatives from enacting laws concerning life.

Even on Hubbard’s Facebook announcement about the Woman’s Health and Safety Act, he referred to it as the abortion bill. Words are very telling. Real pro-life conservatives call them PRO-LIFE Mr. Hubbard. You would have thought Hubbard’s $8000.00 dollar a month message-man David Azbell would know the lingo of those they try to hoodwink. Perhaps, Azbell was busy in Vegas or sexually harassing young staffers.

As for Second Amendment legislation, Diamond Mike does not want the Senate “Gun Bill” to pass because his bosom buddy Billy Canary at BCA doesn’t want the “parking lot” section of the bill to pass.

Hubbard, is a fake conservative. Worse than a RINO, he has no idea what being an Alabama conservative is all about.
Far from being the brilliant strategist he portrays himself in his “ode to myself,” “Storming the StateHouse,” he is a man with no ideas accept those which enriches Diamond Mike and his little buddies.

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Ever notice that the cover of his book has him standing in front of the Capitol not the State House? Watch out Governor Bentley, Mike says he has “no plans” to run for Governor. But if he can find a weakness he will run and run hard at you. His polling firm is hard at work, looking for a favorable wind.

Graft, greed and a love of power is all Mike Hubbard is about. A poor Georgia boy who found fame and fortune in Alabama. Along the way he has become everything that is bad about politics. Why is Diamond Mike allowed to get away with turning the state of Alabama into his personal casino? Because too many elected servants of the people have become cowards. They fear Diamond Mike. His money, his power and his greed has made them weaklings. They have traded their principles for the next election, they have sold their conscience for a chairmanship or less. The fact is there is nothing to fear from Mike Hubbard. If you think there is look at me.

He has done his best to ruin me and my wife. He has thrown all his power and might into trying to destroy us personally and professionally. We are still standing. Be not afraid!

Who will stand-up, is there not one among you who values the people of Alabama, and the principles of good government more than they fear Mike Hubbard? His punishment is nothing compared to looking in the mirror and seeing a coward.

What do we teach our children? Do we teach them to run from the schoolyard bully or the stand and fight?

Recently, several republican legislators have come to me and said that they think that the Republicans will soon become known as no better than the Democrats they replaced. They point to Mike Hubbard and his cronies as the men who will bring about the Republican demise. This is an overstatement. In the short term, the GOP power will remain firm but over time Hubbard and his minions will do enough damage that the media nor the voters will be able to ignore their corruption.

Witness the fact that Diamond Mike’s last three candidates have lost their elections by large margins. The Tea Party is not fooled, social conservatives are not fooled and the people are waking up. Will the elected members of our government follow suit before Mike Hubbard ruins the Republican Party and more importantly our state?

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Be not afraid, God is not mocked. You will reap what you sow.
Stand and be counted or bow down on the Fifth floor.
Do not be afraid of Diamond Mike…he’s nobody.

Written By

Bill Britt is editor-in-chief at the Alabama Political Reporter and host of The Voice of Alabama Politics. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.


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