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Ward Announces He Will Not Be a Candidate for Alabama’s 6th Congressional Seat

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I am honored to be regarded as a potential candidate in the race to succeed my former boss Rep. Bachus in Alabama’s 6th Congressional seat. The outpouring of support has been both overwhelming and humbling. But, in 2014 I will stand for re-election to the Alabama Senate as planned.

There will be other public service opportunities for me and my family but not this year. God has given me a short window of time to spend with a little girl who means more to me than anything in this world. I can’t feel comfortable sacrificing the memories and time away it would require to do the job of US Congressman right for the people of our state.

During my entire career, I have focused on getting things accomplished for the people who elected me. Serving in a dysfunctional Congress that cannot even keep the government open and functioning is not the best place for someone focused on getting things done.

While I am closing the door on this race, I do look forward to continuing public service. For those who know my family personally, you will not be surprised I have chosen to follow a path that allows me to be the strong presence I want to be for Riley at this age. As a Dad, being available for her during this time is my highest priority. I plan to continue serving Senate District 14, and spend as much time as possible closer to home with my daughter, and my beautiful wife Julie.

I am excited about the challenges and opportunities that are ahead of me in the State Senate. I will continue to tackle the problems facing our state with an attitude that anything is possible if we dedicate the time and energy to solving these issues.

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