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Carr Appeals to District 104 Voters As Republicans Go to the Polls

By Brandon Moseley
Alabama Political Reporter

Today, December 3rd, Republican voters will choose who their candidate will be for the Alabama House of Representatives District 104 seat. Margie Wilcox is running against Susan Hightower in the Republican Special Election primary runoff.

The winner will then go to a special general election on January 28 2014 where she will face Democrat Stephen P Carr II.

Stephen Carr said in a Monday statement, “This (the January 28 special general election) will be the first election of 2014 for an open Alabama House seat and it marks a very important opportunity for voters to send a message to Montgomery that the supermajority politics of the last three years has not worked on the behalf of our citizens. In fact, the supermajority in Montgomery has not created adequate job growth, has not ensured that our public education system has a continual chance to succeed, and has not looked out for the interests of our seniors, veterans, low and middle income workers, and has not set us on a path that makes Alabama a relevant player on the National Political scene. No matter which GOP candidate is chosen for this race, the writing on the wall is clear: nothing will change without the breaking up of the supermajority in Montgomery.”

Carr said that on on January 28th, “Voters have a chance to send a Veteran, Father, small business owner, man of faith, and lifelong public servant to Montgomery to represent the people, not big business or special interests! Voters have an opportunity to stand up to politics as usual and to send a representative who will bring Montgomery back to them for a change! Voters’ voices in this district have remained unheard for far too long and it is time to finally take a stand and to send a man who will fight for the interests of all people, not just a select few who have the money and influence to force other voices out of the conversation.”

The House District 104 seat became vacant following the resignation of Representative Jim Barton (R) this past August. The winner will serve the remainder of Barton’s term and will still have to face re-election in 2014 along with every other seat in the Alabama Legislature. House District 104 is located in the southern section of Mobile County and stretches from I-65 to the Mississippi line.

Margie Wilcox is a prominent business owner who own cab companies and airport transport companies. The Theodore businesswoman is staunchly pro-Life and supports the traditional family.

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Wilcox said on her website, “By ensuring that our parks are clean and safe and that our police have the resources and the laws to fight crime we can keep families together and our children safe. We need a stronger focus on families!” Wilcox is a charter member of St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church. Some persons have reportedly attacked Wilcox’s Catholicism as not being Christian enough and have mailed those sentiments to Wilcox.

Susan Hightower’s husband already represents the area in the State Senate. Wilcox has attempted to make this an issue in the closing days of the campaign. Wilcox wrote on Facebook, “Do we want one family representing our entire district? I don’t think so but I am only one vote.” Wilcox has discussed this issue in a letter she sent to voters over the weekend.

If elected, Wilcox promises to reduce the size of government, publish most government documents on the web, and strengthen Alabama’s ethic laws. Wilcox said on her website:

“Just a few years ago our republican leadership did a great job in passing new laws to improve our trust and confidence in elected leadership. Unfortunately the loop holes have been found. Double dippers are still double dipping and the old revolving door is spinning even faster. I am a cheerleader for the conservative leadership in our state and I want to join them with a push to close those holes and keep the promise to be the most honest and transparent leadership in the history of Alabama!”

Wilcox is a graduate of Leadership Mobile, a former member of the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee and has been very active in the Business Council of Alabama and is a Past President of National Association of Women Business Owners.

Susan Hightower is an associate broker at Dauphin Realty, the founder and President of Wee Exchange, and the owner operator of Little Monkey Toes. She is also a grandmother and the wife of state Senator Bill Hightower (R). Mrs. Hightower has been endorsed by the Alabama Forestry Association, the Alabama Alliance Against Abortion, and the Alabama Retail Association.

On her campaign website, Hightower said that she believes there are many viable options to educate our children, and parents should be able to decide which alternative is the best choice for their child and their family. Hightower promises that some of the issues she will address as a legislator include: coastal Insurance Reform, facilitating community action groups such as Southern Skyline Community, bringing more industry into South Mobile County, nurturing small businesses, decrease government, and education.

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The winner of the Republican Primary Runoff will still have to face Democrat Stephen Carr II. Democrat.

The Special Republican Primary Runoff Election will be held on Dec 3rd and the Special General Election will be on January 28.

Whomever is elected in January will have to run for re-election again in their party primary on June 3rd. Tuesday’s election will use the old district lines as written following redistricting in 2000. June’s will use the new district lines drawn after the 2010 election.


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Brandon Moseley is a senior reporter with over nine years at Alabama Political Reporter. During that time he has written 8,941 articles for APR. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Facebook. Brandon is a native of Moody, Alabama, a graduate of Auburn University, and a seventh generation Alabamian.



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