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Roger Bedford Criticizes SB11 (w/video)

By Lee Hedgepeth
Alabama Political Reporter

After the passage of his expungement bill in the Alabama Senate, Democrat Roger Bedford spoke with APR about that proposal, and other topics. One issue we asked about was Senate Bill 11, a proposal that passed the body after multiple filibusters by Democrats. The legislation, which is pending committee action in the House of Representatives, would consolidate many of the functions of the legislature, and restructure many entities under the supervision of a newly structured Legislative Council.

The video of the Russellville Democrat’s comments on the bill can be seen here.

Senator Bedford’s comments on his expungement bill, which would allow those found not guilty or even never charged with nonviolent offenses to petition the court for a clean arrest record, can be viewed here.
The beginning of the Democratic filibuster of SB11 is available here.

Senator Marsh’s statements on the legislation, and those of Senators Figures and Singleton are here.

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