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Hubbard: Alabama’s $9 Million Dollar Man

By Bill Britt
Alabama Political Reporter
MONTGOMERY—Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard, R-Auburn, through his business interests has made almost $9,000,000 off of State Government, related entities and political campaigns.
This does not include the millions he has made through his ownership and affiliation with Auburn Sports affiliates. Much of those millions are hidden behind Tigers Unlimited a 501(c)3 non-profit.
Hubbard portrays himself to the public as a pro-business, small-government conservative, while behind the scenes he has profited greatly from taxpayer funded projects.
Hubbard, born in Georgia, came to Alabama in 1983 to take a job with the Auburn Athletic Department as Associate Sports Information Director.
His rise to power and wealth came through an association with controversial banking CEO and long-serving Auburn Trustee Bobby Lowder.
In 1990, Hubbard, left his junior position at Auburn University to take control of the lucrative Auburn’s radio and television sports network through a deal cut with Lowder.
In 1998, Hubbard used his local connections and celebrity to win a seat in the State Legislature.
In the late 1990s he developed a close relationship with then Congressman Bob Riley. It was Riley’s election as Governor that truly opened the vaults of the State’s treasures to Hubbard.
Since 2001, Hubbard’s business interests have taken at least $8,899,318.36 from State entities, the Republican Party and various Republican political campaigns.
Hubbard’s business interests have made over $4,000,000, from State agencies since 2001. From the Alabama Department of Public Health to the State’s Board of Heating, AC & Refrigeration Contractors, big money in the form of advertising dollars has all flowed from State coffers to Hubbard’s business interests. From 2001-2010 Hubbard pulled in almost $2,500,000 from the Alabama Republican Party, most of it coming during his tenure as Chairman.
The University of Alabama, Troy University and Auburn University spent almost $1,500,000 with Hubbard-owned businesses, not including the money hidden behind the 501(c)3 that is Tigers Unlimited.
Since 2001, Hubbard business interest, took  $173,777.76 from various Political Action Committees (PACs), many over which he held sole/indirect/or some measure of control.
From 2010-2014, Hubbard business interests have earned $609,823.92 from Senate and House candidates.
Total to date:
Hubbard business interests have made around, $8,899,318.36 off State entities, universities and political campaigns. Hubbard, through his business interests has made millions off the very big government that he is said to detest. He has also taken millions from his own political party, and candidates. The over a million from the State’s universities is just small change compared to his secret earnings through his alliance with Auburn sports.
Government has allowed Hubbard, through his businesses, to prosper beyond what could be imagined by the average citizen of the State. Yet, he tells the voters that he is protecting them from big government while filling his bank account with taxpayer’s hard earned dollars.
By Customer
Agencies $4,021,346.00
University of Alabama $10,975
Auburn University $1,265,692.42
Troy University $220,044.01
ALGOP $2,371,681.76
NETPAC $94,271.26
136-year PAC $45,489.85
GOV PAC $28092.65
2014 PAC $3008.02
Storming the State House $2915.98
2010-2014 House and Senate Candidates $609,823.92
Total $8,899,318.36
By Year
2001 $977.36
2002 $294,207.58
2003 $61,042.54
2004 $0
2005 $42,899.49
2006 $968,894.00
2007 $108,085.00
2008 $299,114.08
2009 $899,608.36
2010 $3,181,530.10
2011 $1,091,116.76
2012 $1,048,766.64
2013 $670,701.85
2014 $232,374.60 (Oct 2013 through April 2014)
By Business
V3 Media Group $10,500.00
Network Creative Media $1,482,289.75
Craftmaster/Majority Strategies $2,987,158.10
Auburn (ISP) (IMG) Network $4,419,370.51

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Bill Britt is editor-in-chief at the Alabama Political Reporter and host of The Voice of Alabama Politics. You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter.

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